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statement for reasons not wishing to fulfill 2 year rule

Discussion in 'General K Visas and Related Issues' started by tarum, Nov 25, 2002.

  1. tarum

    tarum New Member

    Hi all,

    I applied for J1 waiver. They sent me a file number and requested some documents. One of them is
    "A statement regarding your reasons for not wishing to fulfill the two-year residence requirement to which you agreed at the time you accepted exchange visitor status"

    I would like to learn if there are some "valid" reasons which State department considers favorably. I will really appreciate if you may share any experience in writing this statement.

  2. jigesh

    jigesh Registered Users (C)

    I generally avoid answering this kind of generic questions because: (1) There is no set of "valid" reasons per se (2) Everybody's program/area, skills are different and so are the reasons, and (3) Similar questions have been addressed to in past if one takes trouble of perusing through the archives.

    However, if you believe that your research area does not fall into the demographic and political needs/priorities of your home country and if you believe that your leaving the US and returning to home country would jeopardize your active contribution to the area of prime importance (if it's so really), then you should go along these lines in your statement.

    Again, as I said earlier, there can be plenty of reasons and plethora of approaches to write a statement depending upon individual reasons and circumstances.

    Best wishes,


    Disclaimer: Personal non-legal point of view only.

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