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Spouse maiden Name Change on Greencard issue

Discussion in 'Life After The Green Card' started by kash777, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. kash777

    kash777 Registered Users (C)

    Does any one know the process :

    To change the maiden name (for spouse) when we applied and received the greencard on maiden name ( name before marriage ) .

    When passport and greencard is on maiden name ( name before marriage ) and if we decide to change the maiden name to married name ,do we have to change the passport on married name first and then apply for greencard / name change on greencard ?

    and does any one experienced any difficulties in this process ?
    Please advise.
    Thanks in advance .
  2. pralay

    pralay Registered Users (C)

    It's better to change passport first and then change all other documents (green card, driver license, SSN). Even though there is no requirement for changing passport before green card, it's better to have some additional documents with new name as supporting document (while applying for name change in green card). In addition, DMV offices in some states and SSA office insist on having passport with new name in order to change name in drivers license and SSN card. So, probably you need to chance your passport first anyway.
  3. kash777

    kash777 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks pralay . Appreciate it. So when we change name on p/s then go to SSN and then DMV . Correct ?
  4. pralay

    pralay Registered Users (C)

    Yes. After changing passort, DL and SSN, I would file I-90 with copies of new passport and DL as supporting documents.
  5. wait-to-GC

    wait-to-GC Registered Users (C)

    Need advice with similar situation

    Hi kash77,

    I would like to know that did you have to take a court order first to apply for change of name on the green card? I have changed the name on my passport from maiden to married, but the SSN and DMV office refused to change the name unless I have a green card with new name.

    I am planning to apply for I-90 and wanted to know what documents will I need.

  6. asrivang

    asrivang Registered Users (C)

    Following is only my opinion. It is neither intended to hurt any body's feelings.

    It is legally not binding for the wife to change the maiden name neither in USA nor in countries like India after marriage. However male dominated society and the parents-in law (at least in India) force this change. I have been married for 15 years. My wife retained her maiden name. There are absolutely no problems at all. Why should we deprive her the last name that came by birth.

    Let me tell you one more truth.

    My mother who is now 75 years retained her maiden name even now. My father supported her views inspite of pressure from his family members. I am proud of my parents. So it is time to give up those perjudices and be cultured and matured especially when you want to become a citizen of the most advanced country in the world. I don't want to elobarate about USA.
  7. pralay

    pralay Registered Users (C)

    In that case, you need to get your passport and GC changed first - based on marriage certificate. Then DMV and SSN.

    Court order will work too. But I don't think it's necessary.
  8. pralay

    pralay Registered Users (C)

    I agree 100%. My wife did not change her surname either. But if someone wants to change name in her own, then why not? It's more of a personal decision.
  9. harvydonald

    harvydonald Registered Users (C)

    For spouse to change name based on a marriage...no court order is necesary.
    Here are the steps...they can be done in any order....

    Take the marriage certificate to your local DMV and get a new DL.
    Take the marriage certificate to your local Social Security office and get a new SS Card.
    Fill out and submit I-90 Application to replace Permanent Resident Card and pay all the fees.
    Contact your embassy/consulate and follow your country's procedure to request name change / get new passport.
  10. pralay

    pralay Registered Users (C)

    I think the reason SSA is not changing name based on the marriage certificate is that they want to have name in SSN based on citizenship/immigration status (very same they issued SSN for first time - based on passport and H1/L1 visa status). So when they change name in SSN they want to see same/similar documents again - passport with new name and GC with new name. This is just my guess.
  11. infoimmigration

    infoimmigration Registered Users (C)

    I got my green card approval notice on Jan12th 2006. When i recieved the conditional card, my name was incorrect. I filled up the form I-90 for correction and sent it to National Benefits Center where my green card was processed. I mailed the form and relevant documentation along with my conditional green card on Jan31st but till now i haven't got any response.
    Has anyone been in this situation like me? Can anyone tell how much time they generally take to process this kind of application?

    Thanks for your response in advance.
  12. e17345

    e17345 Registered Users (C)


    I am in the same situation. My middle name was misspelled by one letter....I am thinking about waiting until I have to file paperwork to remove conditions on my Green Card.

    Would you please keep us posted regarding your status? I am interested to find out how long it takes. If it doesnt take too long, I will go ahead and to it. I am just hesitant to send my card to them...
  13. Roadrunners

    Roadrunners New Member

    Supporting documentation for name change on I-90

    From the previous posts, in order for me to change my maiden name to my spouse's last name, it seems that the smart thing to do would be to change my name on my native country passport first, then the green card, then everything else.

    On the instructions on the I-90, under "Correction of Change in Biographic Data", it says "If you are applying to replace a card because of a name change, you must bring the original court order or a certified copy of your marriage certificate reflecting the new name to your in person appearance at the ASC." What I am confused about is: My name on the marriage certificate is my maiden name, so it does not reflect the new name I want to change to, am I misinterpreting what they are looking for? And if I change my name on my passport first, can that be substituted as supporting documents over my marriage certificate to change my name through the I-90 form?

    Thanks for the help.
  14. tajamer

    tajamer New Member

    I have the same question as quoted below. The name on the marriage certificate remains to be my maiden name. I was able to change my drivers license, and SS office told me I need to change my greencard first, and then I encounter with the same problem as the above commenter.

  15. Jackolantern

    Jackolantern Registered Users (C)

    If your intended name change is to change your last name to match your husband, they'll want to see your marriage certificate to look at your husband's name, not your maiden name.
  16. tajamer

    tajamer New Member

    Excellent, thank you for the reply, is the marriage certificate the only required document needed to show legal proof of name change?
  17. Jackolantern

    Jackolantern Registered Users (C)

    Yes, the marriage certificate is all you need as proof for a marriage-based name change. Of course, the green card replacement process itself will require other documents to establish your identity and status.

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