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Should medical exam be done before or after 485 filing?

Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by Peiyin, May 29, 2002.

  1. Peiyin

    Peiyin Registered Users (C)

    Dear friends:
    I just filed my I485 in Dec 01 and got a receipt last week. I did not attach I-693(medical exam) to the 485 application because I did not have
    the carbon-copy form(the medical center says INS rejects forms that are
    downloaded from the ins website). I just want to start the filing and then
    mail the I693 later as RFE or just attach the receipt to the I693 when mailing.
    Question1: Is this wrong and too late? The I485 form says "wait for INS
               instructions for medical exam".
    Question2: Should I take the exam now right away (I now have the form)
               and mail it off with receipt copy or wait for RFE?
    Question3: I was told that I693 expire after 1 year. What if my case
               will not be adjudicated for more than 1 year? Does that mean
               that I have to waste $200 again to do the same exam again?
    Question4: Is it true now that most employment-based AOS do not need
               interviews any more? Just an approval letter sent to you
               and you take it to INS district office to get the stamp?
  2. Amar Madineni

    Amar Madineni Registered Users (C)

    No Title

    Just curious. You say "The I485 form says "wait for INS instructions for medical exam" ", then why don\'t you wait for the INS instructions?

    My experience was that after filing I485, we waited till we received the INS instructions regarding the medical exam. And then we followed the instructions.

    Best of luck.
  3. Rk123

    Rk123 Registered Users (C)

    We had over Medical exams before filing of 485 !

  4. Peiyin

    Peiyin Registered Users (C)

    The instruction is not clear

    The instruction is very blurry, and people told me that they
    file the medical exam with the 485, and 1 year later, INS
    told them to do it again with FP in the same notice of action.
    You know, it costs $200 to do it, and I do not want to
    waste the money if I have to do it again later.

    Also now a handful of my friends are getting approval notices
    withOUT RFE/interview notices. It used to be that you do the
    medical later because you are going to take it to your interview.
    Now that interview are usually waived, then how to submit the
    medical exam results? And when to submit?

    Could anyone who have interview waived clearify on this?

  5. El Liu

    El Liu Registered Users (C)

    I assume

    people will usually submit their medical exam in along with the I485 package. I didn\'t know that the instruction on the I485 is different...
    I assume right now you have to wait from the immigration to issue the RFE.
    Is your GC employment based? Not every applicant will get an interview. I assume interview cases are randomly pick...I might be wrong...

    I suggest you can go ahead and get your medical exam done.
  6. Amar Madineni

    Amar Madineni Registered Users (C)

    No Title

    I feel like such an idiot. After posting the above message, I went back and checked. I stand corrected. We did our medical exam and enclosed the results WITH the 485 application. Sorry if I misled anyone.

  7. vidongre

    vidongre Registered Users (C)

    My 2 Cents - About the Medical Exam

    I did submit my medical exam results along with I-485 application.

    Check the site http://www.immihelp.com and refer to the \'Medical Examination\' section under AOS/I-485 link. It says -

    "Results of the medical examination are valid for 1 year before you file I-485. After you file I-485, they are valid forever as long as I-485 is pending."

    So there should not be an RFE for medical exam results...

    Also, when I went for the medical exam, the INS approved doctor had the form with him (though I asked him to use the one I\'d rcvd from our lawyer... The lawyer had the same form with him).
  8. bkhote

    bkhote Registered Users (C)

    I had TB when I was 10 yr old will that be problem now...

    I was told by my friend that TB test for asians comes positive
    In that case they take X-ray. I have mark in my chest because of TB that I had about 20 years ago. Obviously I am all cured and married
    for 5 years and have a baby. I am worried what will happen in my test.
    Do I have to prove that I am OK now .. Please help.
  9. zambia

    zambia Registered Users (C)

    In my case the attorney gave me forms incluiding a list of certified INS ..

    doctors. My completed medical forms in a sealed envelope were sent with I-485 forms.

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