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Seconary inspection for GC holders at POE

Discussion in 'Political Asylum in USA' started by algorithm, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. algorithm

    algorithm Registered Users (C)

    I heard that all GC holders and asylees who were in removal proceedings in the past have to go through a secondary inspection at the POE when they re-enter the U.S because POE database allways shows the removal/deportation records even if the person is already a permanent resident. The POE database is separate and does not get updated if a person is granted asylum or gets GC.

    This happens only for those who got arrested by ICE for overstaying a visa befor they got asylum/GC. Getting asylum or a green card does not clear the records from the POE database and thats why the POE officer gets confused and sends the person to a secondary inspection.

    Please share your experience at the POE if you are an asylee or GC holder with a prior ICE arrest(overstaying visa) in the past.
  2. algorithm

    algorithm Registered Users (C)

    Guys, please share your experience if you went through a secondary inspection at the POE?

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