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sample letter to congressman

Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by fkus, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. fkus

    fkus Registered Users (C)

    Hello,My case has been transferred to local office for more than 7 month without an interview notice. Can anyone provide a sample letter to the congressman?
    Thanks a lot
  2. raveesh12

    raveesh12 Registered Users (C)

    Hope this will help..
    All the best.

    Date: date

    Your name

    Congressman name

    Dear Congressman name

    I have applied for employment based Adjustment of Status (Green Card) in mm/yyyy for my self and also for my wife at Texas Service center. We gave our 1st fingerprints at local (name of the office ) Immigration office on mm/dd/yyyy . After that we haven’t received any communication from Texas Service Center.

    On mm/dd/yyyy , TSC trasnferred our file to local office in (name of the office ). Again we gave our 2nd fingerprints at (name of the office ) on mm/dd/yyyy.

    Recently USCIS web site is showing that they are processing employment based I-485 applications as of July 15 2004. Many times I tried to inquire about our cases and there was no reply from them. All of my friends who applied after me got their approvals.

    Its been more than 3 yrs when we applied our I-485 and no decision so far. This is making our life very unstable and restless. Also I don’t have any attorney representation. If you could help us in this regard our family would be very grateful to you. The only hope we have is your help.

    I am attaching I-485 receipt notices of my wife and myself also I am writing all my details below.

    Thanks and regards,

    Your name

    Our Details about I-485 (employment based)
    Name Case Type SRC # Reciept Date at Texas Service Center Transfer Date to Jacksonville,Fl FP Date Current Approval Date on USCIS web site Remarks
    Your name I-485 SRC No 07/15/2004 Not approved even though our date is before 07/15/2004
    Spouse name I-485 SRC No 07/15/2004 Not approved even though our date is before 07/15/2004

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