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sample cover letter for marital status change to send to KCC

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by alexhero, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. alexhero

    alexhero Registered Users (C)

    Can someone help me with a sample cover letter for marital status change? I will have to send one to KCC together with my paperwork and my future wife's paperwork in order to let them know of my marital status change ( I was single when I sent the first set of papers and I got married now).

    Thanks !
  2. ancatdubh

    ancatdubh Registered Users (C)

    I am in the same situation and am also searching for a sample cover letter... any help is most appreciated
  3. ancatdubh

    ancatdubh Registered Users (C)

    i've found cover letters for other visas but not for sending to KCC.. or DV...
  4. alexhero

    alexhero Registered Users (C)

    Can you send me the info pls?
    My email is alexhero26@yahoo.com

  5. ancatdubh

    ancatdubh Registered Users (C)

    I couldnt find any sample cover letters so I just wrote my own.. this is what I wrote.. hopefully it will be ok and KCC will process it quickly..

    Name: XXX
    Case Number: 2010 OC 0000 1XXX
    Email: XXX
    Date of birth: XXX
    Address: XXX

    15 February 2010

    US Department of State
    Kentucky Consular Centre
    3505 North Highway 25W

    Diversity Visa 2010 - Notice of Change to Marital Status and Change of Residential Address
    Case Number: 2010 OC 0000 1XXX

    To whom it may concern,

    I am writing to advise of a change to my marital status and residential address.

    Marital Status

    At the time of entering the Diversity Visa Lottery 2010, I was unmarried. On XXXX 2010, I married XXXX.

    I have attached updated DS-230 forms for both XXX and myself.

    I have also attached a copy of my marriage certificate. I will provide the original at my interview.

    I would like to request that XXXX be scheduled for the same interview date as myself at the XXX US Consulate.

    Please advise me whether you require any further documentation regarding my change in marital status.

    Residential Address

    As detailed on the DS-230 form, my residential address has changed. It is now:

    Please advise if you require any additional information.

  6. alexhero

    alexhero Registered Users (C)

    It looks very good!

    Thanks a lot!
  7. fb542

    fb542 New Member

    When is the latest time I can get married and include my future wife in the DV process? I have the interview in a month and just got engaged. Do I have to be legally married before the interview or do I have some time after that? Please advise.
  8. ancatdubh

    ancatdubh Registered Users (C)

    on the 1st NL it says that you have until 30 June 2010 to provide additional information about family changes etc, and spouse can only obtain a diversity visa through marriage to you until 30 September 2010.
    Someone on this board said they were asked during the interview if they were going to get married within the next 6 months but whether or not that means your spouse can get the visa through marriage to you after interview is questionable..
    If your interview has been scheduled I would suggest you contact the consulate that will interview you (if you are CP) to obtain further information.
  9. fb542

    fb542 New Member

    Many thanks for your advice. Sorry for the ignorance, but what does 1st NL stand for?
  10. ancatdubh

    ancatdubh Registered Users (C)

    It's the first Notification Letter you receive from KCC advising that you have been selected in the DV lottery.

    It has the DS-230 forms that you must complete for yourself and each family member that will be joining you.
  11. jaja5

    jaja5 Registered Users (C)

    Letter looks fine!

    I do not know about waiting after the interview and the possibilities, so I would definiately advice you to call you embassy or consulate directly to ask them what to do.
    For me she never said to wait and even with short time, we could successfully do interview. But call them to know.

    What if they ran out of numbers and you have one and she doesn't... if you are sure of her, marry before the interview and you are fine

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