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Royalties on H1B book writing

Discussion in 'Rights of H Employees' started by Amar.nandi, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. Amar.nandi

    Amar.nandi New Member

    Are we allowed to write books on H1B?

    If no, is it because of the royalties? Can we donate the royalties, which will be small to start with, for charity work? Also, can we use publishers in other country and get paid there?
  2. Concerned4us

    Concerned4us Banned


    If you want to write - which is work, you must go home as you may only work for H1B sponsor.
  3. patelbaroda

    patelbaroda New Member

    I think, we are missing a point here. A person on H1B is able to file his own immigration if he can prove extra ordinary ability for EB1 category. If you look at USCIS website for how to prove extra ordinary ability for EB1, you will find 10 major points. Point number 3 to 7 deals with publications and commercial success of work. If these points are requirement of EB1, how can a person on H1B is not allowed to publish a book. There may be questions about royalties but in my opinion publishing a book and getting royalties are two different task. Publishing a book should not be an issue. I am not an Immigration attorney and this is my personal opinion. It is better to contact and get advice from Immigration attorney dealing in such issues.
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  4. gc4meds

    gc4meds New Member

    Due to all the confusion surrounding regulations surrounding alternate sources of income on an H1-B, it's best to seek professional advice. The answer to your question depends upon your status (H1-B or EAD). If you also have an EAD card, you may be able to invoice the publisher using your own company. On an H1-B, it becomes hard and you could also jeopardize your Green Card application.

    You could also look into co-authoring the book with someone who can accept payment.

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