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Renewing Indian Passport In Canada

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by dancedude007, Oct 2, 2003.

  1. dancedude007

    dancedude007 Registered Users (C)

    Hello Every One,

    I would appreciate any help on my Qtn: I am an Indian Citizen and have a Canadian PR Card.

    My Indian Passport is expring soon and I need to renew it. What is the process to renew it in canda and for what period is it renewed ? What Documents do they require?

    I am currently not in canada but will be reaching there soon.

    Thanks for all your help.....

  2. ginnu

    ginnu Registered Users (C)

    Toronto and Vancouver both have Indian consulates and Indian embassy is in Ottawa.
    Go to Indian consulate Toronto site download the form pay the fees and get Passport renewed. They will renew for 10 tears they will give you a new passport copy and will return your current passport to you with a cancelled stamp. Talk to particular consulate how many days they take. Last week my friend got his passport renewed from Indian consulate in New York he went personally and they renewed passport same day. I don’t know how much time Toronto or Vancouver takes speak to them directly.
  3. dimple2001

    dimple2001 Registered Users (C)

    The Indian Consulate in Toronto takes 2 days for passport renewal if done in person. However, with proper reasons for an urgent requirement of passport, they will give you the passport in one day with additional fee.

    Documents - current passport, PR card, landing document (any paper document such as IMM 1000), application form, proper amount of fee, marriage certificate if married.
  4. jiaa

    jiaa Registered Users (C)

    indian passport

    i have a question...coz i 'm a Indian citizen i can renew my passport from any Indian embassy in the world . .... is it true or not? currently i have a US green card and can i renew my Indian passport from Canada or no?
  5. nkm-oct23

    nkm-oct23 Registered Users (C)

    You will have to be resident in that country in order to renew your passport there.
  6. desi30

    desi30 New Member

    i believe so...a few years back I was visiting my family in vancouver bc I renewed my indian passport in vancouver even though i am a resident of washington dc, USA.

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