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removal proceedings with immigration judge and work permit

Discussion in 'Political Asylum in USA' started by soyam.bhattarai, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. soyam.bhattarai

    soyam.bhattarai Registered Users (C)

    hi there i applied for asylum and well unfortunately got referred to immigration judge. i got a notice that stated the most earlier i could apply for ead was 1/20/2011, so applied for ead on 1/21/2011. note that i didn't pay for ead as i was applying under (C)(8) because i looked it on uscis and said i didn't have to pay. anyways my question is

    1. even tho uscis site stated i didn't have to pay, is it really true?
    2. when i filed for ead it was past 150 days as required by uscis, but since my initial hearing is on feb2, does it matter i mean i applied for ead before i even appeared in front of ij will that affect on my ead application?
    3. i am planning to go to my initial hearing on Feb 2 w/o attorney and hoping to ask for extension or hopefully the judge will give me some time as i really dont have money for a lawyer so was hoping if i get my ead and work i can save some money and hire a lawyer before my master hearing. So how does my plan sound is it possible?

    any help is really appreciated.
    Thank you in advance :D
  2. BigJoe5

    BigJoe5 Registered Users (C)

  3. soyam.bhattarai

    soyam.bhattarai Registered Users (C)

    Well the thing is i went to all the one tat is mentioned in the list u see it was the same list that uscis sent me with the notices and all of em had stopped doing asylum cases (i went to the ones listed for colorado) thus i cant get probono lawyers...

    Anyways if u have any info for my questions above please fell free to share the knowledge..i did went to a lawyer to get some consultation and he did say yes i can get ead but im still unsure...

    Thank you
  4. playus

    playus Registered Users (C)

    Filing of EAD can only be done in your case ,you will need to file along with a copy of the asylum filing receipt or a copy of the Judge decision.
  5. assylum

    assylum Registered Users (C)

    Your question about the EAD(c08) was clearly answered in the other post.
  6. soyam.bhattarai

    soyam.bhattarai Registered Users (C)

    Well i didnt ask for extension and judge gave me till september and also told me tat i should get my ead by mid february now comes the wait but anyways thanks to asylum, playus and bigjoe for givin me some useful knowledge

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