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Recording available for June 21 Conference Call

Discussion in 'Free Conference Call For US Immigration Questions' started by monica1, Jun 16, 2012.

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  1. monica1

    monica1 Administrator Staff Member

    Recording available for June 21 Conference Call.

    Video of the Recording

    Conference Dial-in: 1-712-432-3066
    Conference Code: 531023
    Topic: General Immigration Related Questions
    Start Time: 12:30PM, EST
    End Time: 1:30 PM, EST
    NEXT CALL DATE: July 5, 2011

    NOTE: This call does not mean that we have agreed to represent you or that there is an attorney-client relationship between us. This is merely a community service. You should discuss the specifics of your case with the attorney representing you.
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  2. hellomahesh

    hellomahesh Registered Users (C)

    EB3 visa numbers

    Why EB3 visa numbers/dates are moving so slowly..?

    Any reason behind this? Any internal news? Any chances of advancing at faster pace in near future?

    Thanks in Adv..

    Mahesh (India)
  3. georgeannie

    georgeannie New Member

    I140 Denied due to inability to pay

    Hi My I140 and MTR had been denied early this year due to employers inability to pay. My employer had submitted tax and audit papers a week after filing MTR. Is it possible that USCIS denied because they received the papers late? Do you think refiling with a new lawyer with the same documents will have a better chance of approval?
  4. vnmk

    vnmk Registered Users (C)

    A few questions on AP/EAD/H1B

    Hi Rajiv,

    Thanks for your support to community.

    I have few questions on AP/EAD/H1B that would like to clarify. I am on my 12th year of H1B (My I-485 (EB3) was filed in Sep 2007)

    1. If I do H1 Transfer to a new employer - my current employer must revoke I-140 or not? If he revoke my I-140 then I can't apply for H1B extensions (I am on my 12th year)?

    2 Is it possible for me to just do H1 transfer to new employer and retain GC with my current employer with understanding that I join current employer after getting GC? In which case he would not cancel my I-140 and I can join him after getting my GC? In this case do I need to file AC21 for this job change or not needed as I am going to retain my GC processing with current employer?

    3. Currently I am on H1B valid till Oct 2012, if I switch to EAD, can I switch back to H1B? Do I have to go out side country and re-enter with I-94 via H1B at Port of Entry to switch back to H1B or I can do while in USA by my employer filing the form I-9?

    4. Can H1B extensions are allowed while I am on EAD? Can my employer amend or extend my H1B which is expiring in Oct 2012 while I work on EAD now?

    5. For AP renewal - can I come to USA on any visa to renew my AP? I mean can I come to USA on Business Visa (thru an Indian employer) and renew my GC Advance Parole or I have to come via H1B or AP to get my AP renewed?

    6. In order for me to get the GC (My I-485 (EB3) was filed in Sep 2007), my employer should never revoke my I-140? Or if is revoked then I must join a new employer when my PD is current so I can answer any RFE to get GC on AC21?

    7. Do I still fall under quota if I were outside USA for an year and want to apply for a new H1B petition. Or I am not come under quota because I have 140 approved and 485 pending for years now...

    Please advise.

    Sorry for many questions and thanks in advance.

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  5. rahulgopaljoshi

    rahulgopaljoshi Registered Users (C)

    H4 to F1 Change of Status while H-1 Transfer Pending

    Namaste Rajiv Ji

    Myself (H1B) and My wife (H4) applied for the first H1B extension, and both were approved, approval notices received,

    Primary Applicant - H1 in status till Sep 2014, but H1 Transfer applied, I-797 acceptance receipt but approval pending

    Dependent - H4 Status approved till Sep 2014, has been enrolled in MS program at U of WIsc Grad School since Sept 2011, want to file for Change of Status from H4 to F1.

    Do you see a problem in applying H4 to F1 status change for the dependent when the primary applicant's transfer for H1B is pending for approval ? Any gray areas ?

    Thanks so much
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