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received NOID - my fellow countryman-- please help

Discussion in 'Political Asylum in USA' started by Devastation, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Devastation

    Devastation Registered Users (C)

    Hello gurus,

    A friend of mine got a NOID following his asylum interview couple of weeks ago. The NOID has stated 3 different reasons because of which, the Asylum Officer thinks he's not eligible for asylum. My friend has 16 days to file a rebuttal. Since he's new to the country, he is financially incapable to afford a lawyer to file a rebuttal for him. Therefore, he wants to know how important is it to hire a lawyer v/s filing the rebuttal by himself from an outcome perspective.

    Has anyone in here has filed the rebuttal or knows someone who has? What was the result like?

    Please help !

    - Dev
  2. asylum_seeker

    asylum_seeker Registered Users (C)

    Sad to hear that, but frankly he should've used an attorney before he applied for asylum. Unlike other visa application, asylum is very sensitive and need to be legitimately prepared and presented. Now that he/she has been denied, it is very important to hire an experienced attorney.

    If you need some opinion on how to rebut from the forum members, you may want to share the reasons listed.

    Good luck to him!
  3. 2ndchances

    2ndchances Registered Users (C)

    Me too, I'm sad to hear that. I second the idea of securing an attorney asap.
  4. mesbahul

    mesbahul Registered Users (C)

    What are the reasons?
  5. Devastation

    Devastation Registered Users (C)

    Here are the summary of reasons (edited to cover privacy):

    "You stated that you belong to certain group and organized events and programs. When asked what were the specific events you organized, you said there are many events and you could not think of one at this time. But in a moment you said you remembered one of the events you organized and you provided with its description. Even though you did that, it was found implausible."

    2) You said that, even though, the rebel group met you in such an ambience where there are people walking around. And you also stated that you were not aware if anyone saw it. This causes another implausibility.

    - The NOID wrongfully states this, my friend said that people might have seen them, but they did not approach to him to say "Hey i saw the rebels".

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  6. Devastation

    Devastation Registered Users (C)

    60 days elapsed before filling NOID Rebuttal --- No answer

    Hello gurus,

    Following the receipt of NOID, my friend promptly filed a rebuttal meeting 16 days window. About two months has elapsed now, and he has not heard anything from the Asylum office. He's absolutely stressed out. What can be done in this situation? P.S. -- He filed the rebuttal by himself without an attorney.

    Please advise.

    - Dev
  7. Ms.A

    Ms.A Registered Users (C)

    If he is out of status by the time the asylum office denies the case, his case will still be pending because it will be referred to an immigration judge. At this point no news is good news. I think the AO's get caught up on irrelevant details sometimes. Keep up hope (if only I could follow my own advice).

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