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Re-entry permit timeline inquiry

Discussion in 'Life After The Green Card' started by Hannah7, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. Hannah7

    Hannah7 Registered Users (C)


    I want to leave USA in july this year. I wonder when to apply for reentry permit if I want to have "doors open" as late as possible.

    What is the typical timeline?

    1) After I file I-131, when do I get the appointment letter?
    2) Can I tell them when I want to have my appointment and where?
  2. Jackolantern

    Jackolantern Registered Users (C)

    1) about 2-4 weeks after you file it
    2) No. They will give you a fingerprint appointment in the closest or 2nd closest USCIS office to where you live, on a date of their choosing. But once you have the appointment notice you can usually do a walk-in prior to the appointment date. And you may be able do a walk-in at a different location than the one they specify. But walk-ins are never guaranteed, and you can't call ahead of time to know if they will accept you*. They make the decision whether to accept walk-ins on a day-to-day, minute-to-minute basis when you show up, according to how busy or empty they are.

    *(well, you can call, but they'll usually tell you NO on the phone because they don't know if they'll be busy when you show up)
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  3. Hannah7

    Hannah7 Registered Users (C)

    I'm not sure where I'll be in couple weeks. If my address change while I'm awaiting my appointment letter, is it possible to let it deliver somewhere else?

    Or is it neccessary for me pickup this letter? Can my friends receive it and then just tell me when/where to appear?
  4. Jackolantern

    Jackolantern Registered Users (C)

    They will send it to the address that you list on the I-131 form. If you move after filing it, it's unlikely they would process an address change quickly enough to send it elsewhere.

    You need physical possession of the appointment notice when going to the appointment. Before the appointment date, if you're not going to receive the notice yourself, you only need somebody who can check the mail to read the notice and tell you when and where the appointment is.

    For the reentry permit itself, you have the choice of having them send it to the address you listed on the form, or to a consulate overseas where you can pick it up. Approval normally takes 3-6 months, and the 2 years validity will start from the approval date. So effectively you can stay outside the US for up to 2 and a half years.
  5. Hannah7

    Hannah7 Registered Users (C)

    Thank you, I have couple more questions for my curiosity.

    1) Does it matter which address I file on I-131 ? Could it be my friends address, in other words, different than one on my State Drivers Licence ?

    2) What happens after my return in those 2 years with reentry permit. When I return, am I going to need that re-entry permit for every trip less than 12 months?

    3) What happens with expired reentry permit? Put into trash then, or keep it for every travel outside U.S. ?
  6. TheRealCanadian

    TheRealCanadian Volunteer Moderator

    Aren't you the same poster who lived for months outside the US after getting your Green Card without establishing residence?
  7. Hannah7

    Hannah7 Registered Users (C)

    I don't know who you mean, it could be me, however it's not to the topic. I have been living in U.S. now for almost 1,5 year without any absence.

    Now I wanna go abroad for 1-2 years maximum, but this is not important, please, stick to the previous posts here.
  8. Jackolantern

    Jackolantern Registered Users (C)

    1) The address you list is supposed to be your residential address. If you're going to be moving your stuff to your friend's place and using there as a base when you return to the US, you can put your friend's address on it. Make sure to also file AR-11 and change the address on your driver's license accordingly.

    2) If you return in less than a year, you can first show the GC only and then show the reentry permit only if they ask. They often ask for it if your trip is over 6 months or they notice a pattern of multiple consecutive trips.

    3) Keep it in case you need it when applying for another one. Otherwise, if you're sure you won't need another one anytime soon after it expires, shred it.
  9. Hannah7

    Hannah7 Registered Users (C)

    Thank you :)

    And what happen if I apply for re-entry permit and don't use it (if I just stay in U.S.). Does this prevent me from applying for another one in future?
  10. Hannah7

    Hannah7 Registered Users (C)

    And hopefully one last question "NATURALIZATION".

    Here is my timeline as LPR

    2008 - August entered as LPR ( 1 month in the U.S. and left )
    2009 - February - March ( 1 month in the U.S. ), returned back for good in July 2009
    2010 - I'm still in the U.S.
    2011 - ...
    2012 - ...
    2013 - Can I apply for naturalization at this point ?

    I may need to stay abroad for more than one year. However, I can come back everytime before 6 months are up for a couple weeks.

    Can I still think about naturalization in 2013 ? How about form N-470 for PhD students?
  11. Jackolantern

    Jackolantern Registered Users (C)

    For naturalization they look at the entire pattern of travel, not just whether each trip is 6 months. The 6 month rule is just so they can deny you based on that one trip alone. If each trip is under 6 months, they can still deny you based on a pattern of multiple consecutive trips with very short stays in the US in between.

    You can try, but your chances don't look good if you apply before 2014, as you spent so little time in the US in 2008. Applying in 2014 would keep the meager 2008 out of the 5-year lookback window.

    No. And even if you were employed by the university in a job that could qualify you for the N-470, you also need 12 consecutive months* of unbroken physical presence in the US before applying for the N-470, which you don't have.

    *it can be any 12 straight months since being an LPR, not necessarily the same 12 months right before you apply
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  12. Hannah7

    Hannah7 Registered Users (C)

    1) If I get reentry permit and don't use it (because I'll stay in U.S.) - does it affect naturalization or issuance another new reentry permit when needed in future?

    2) Now things look like, that I'll need be out for 10-11 months, however I can come back in the middle for one month if it helps me to naturalize earlier. So if I'm basically away for less than 12 months, I'm still good for naturalization ?
  13. Jackolantern

    Jackolantern Registered Users (C)

    1) No, except that you need to submit the existing reentry permit if applying for a new one before the existing one expires.

    2) Continuous residence is a subjective determination based on your entire travel pattern, so we cannot point to any magic formula that would guarantee a favorable decision when you spend the majority of a year outside the US, other than getting an N-470. 10-11 months outside the US in a year, even if split into 2 or 3 trips, is enough to put you at risk of denial but not long enough to guarantee a denial.
  14. cafeconleche

    cafeconleche Registered Users (C)

    Don't forget you need 913 days of physical presence, too.
  15. Hannah7

    Hannah7 Registered Users (C)

    Thank you guys, I really appreciate your help!

    As I'm filing the I-131 ... Is there requirement for photographs? Do I need to submit photographs along with application for reentry permit?

    I'm confused from the instructions, they don't say it explictly except for Advanced Parole.
  16. cafeconleche

    cafeconleche Registered Users (C)

    No photos. They'll take a photo when they take fingerprints.
  17. Hannah7

    Hannah7 Registered Users (C)

    cafeconleche: Thank you :) By the way, are you now in the naturalization process? How is it going so far?
  18. cafeconleche

    cafeconleche Registered Users (C)

    Yup. I'm waiting for an interview. Pretty nervous, but I'm gathering together a TONNE of evidence that I didn't break continuous residency, so I'll just have to see if it works.
  19. Hannah7

    Hannah7 Registered Users (C)

    Good luck !

    I sent my I-131 last week and looking on my bank account, they still haven't cashed my check. I send that form to Phoenix, Arizona - I hope that was correct address.

    Are they cashing checks always so late? USPS says that package was delivered on Monday morning.
  20. Jackolantern

    Jackolantern Registered Users (C)

    It can take a week or two.

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