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Questions about the DV lottery and documents required

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by mykoko, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. mykoko

    mykoko Registered Users (C)

    This thread is for all winners of the DV lottery who have questions about the Diversity Lottery(DV) lottery process and the documents required.
  2. mykoko

    mykoko Registered Users (C)

    All are invited to post their questions here.
  3. bonno

    bonno Registered Users (C)


    I have several questions.
    First one is concerning the police clearance. I lived in Ethiopia till the age of 19 and i am currently living in France.
    1)I was doing the necessary when i read in "travel state.gov"that for ethiopia the police clearance is only available for people residing in Ethiopia and that a certificate of good conduct is delivered for those who ask in person.
    So does this mean that i have to e-mail the us embassy to inform them (i am not going to have my interview in EThiopia but in France) or are they already aware of this?
    2) I was born in Europe but i don't have the nationality of my country of birth
    I have the nationality of my parents. But my birth certificate that was issued by the governement of my country, it is cleary stated that i was born in EUrope do you think this could be a problem? Do you think i should also e-mail the embassy concerning my birth certificate or am i being worried unecessarily?
    I know my case is a little complicated but i prefer to be sure.
  4. mykoko

    mykoko Registered Users (C)

    You can still apply for the police Ethiopian police certificate.
    Citizens and non-citizens residing in Ethiopia for 6 months or longer can apply for a police clearance certificate through the Federal Police Forensic department at the

    Ethiopian Federal Police Commission
    Forensic Investigation Department
    PO Box 29507
    Addis Ababa
    Phone 251 1 518000

    Citizens residing in Ethiopia must Provide - 2 passport size photos, copies of any passport, national identity cards and correspondence from the office requesting the clearance papers

    Citizens not residing in Ethiopia will need Original fingerprints document from the police authority in resident country(in your case that would be France), copies of relevant passport pages,2 passport size photographs and correspondence from the office requesting the clearance papers.

    You may also ask a representative to submit the request in person on your behalf by presenting proof of legal representation and the documents listed above.
    I hope this answers your question.Feel free to ask any other questions bothering you.
  5. mykoko

    mykoko Registered Users (C)

    Get back with any questions bothering you.
  6. igotnews

    igotnews Registered Users (C)

    hi yall. i got a couple of q?
    1) i have lived in sudan for 4 years and currently living in saudi for the past 1 year. do i need to get a police report from sudan too or the saudi one is enough?
    2) my middle name in my highschool certificate is spelt wrong (an extra letter in them middle) and i cant fix it. Do i need to worry?
    3) What amount of $ do i need in a bank statment?
    Thank yall for the help
  7. mykoko

    mykoko Registered Users (C)

    Hi igotnews
    You will need a police report for both countries. The requirement is to have a police report from all countries where you have lived in for 6 months or more since turning sixteen(16).
    With your name issue I don't think it's gonna cause much of a problem.You might be asked to explain the error during your interview. I have read in most threads of people having problems with a whole name not appearing on their documents,but even with that they went through the interview successfully. My advice is to write KCC informing them about the problem. They would tell you what you should do.
    With the issue of the amount you need on a bank statement,read this

  8. igotnews

    igotnews Registered Users (C)

    thanxs alot mykoko
  9. mykoko

    mykoko Registered Users (C)

    It's a pleasure Igotnews
  10. lome

    lome Registered Users (C)

    I have similar problem here. I lived in Ethiopia for two years, and it means I have to get this document. It is great to know that some one with legal representation can do on my behalf.

    Given that it probably takes ages to get any document from their offices (have had two years of bad experiences going to offices in the country; no offence but it is too bureaucratic, and I presume this one may be no different!), I wanted to start this process soon. However, I didn't still get the 2NL from KCC. Do you think it is possible to apply for police clearance by just producing to the police the first notification letter from KCC; I heard they require some request to issue police certificate in Ethiopia?

  11. bonno

    bonno Registered Users (C)

    to mykoko

    Hi Mykoko

    Thanks for the info and sorry for the late reply.
    i have a question, what are your sources for this info?
    The info i had saying that the "ethiopian police clearance is available only to residents" is on the wabsite of the us department of state (travel.state.gov.)
    The fact is the french police doesn't want to take my fingerprints they say that they only do that for convicts.
    So that is why i insist on the version given by the department of state.

    Thanks again
  12. chinasa12

    chinasa12 Registered Users (C)

    I am a DV 2010 winner from nigeria but im a sickle cell anemic, could this hinder my chances of visa issuance or could I not be cleared from medical?

  13. bentlebee

    bentlebee Registered Users (C)

    You have to disclose it and they might want to know if you can afford insurance, since they don't want you to apply for benefits right after moving. If you have a sponsor or a job it might not be an issue.
  14. chinasa12

    chinasa12 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks for your instant reply, I have a LPR sponsor.
  15. sam252

    sam252 Registered Users (C)

    police report

    i worked in saudi arabia for one year actually for 11 months,, now i live in jordan. I already have police report from jordan, the question is:

    How can i get a police certificate from saudi arabia as i heard they dont provide it for people who are not currently there?!?
    please advise me
  16. mykoko

    mykoko Registered Users (C)

    Hi Lome
    Are u currently residing in Ethiopia? If you are, then you should be able to apply for the Police clearance with just the first NL that was sent by KCC.
  17. mykoko

    mykoko Registered Users (C)

    Bonno the source of my information are all through online research. You can read some of the sites I visited. Below are a few ones.





    I would advice you ask someone in Ethiopia to make inquiries with the Police on your behalf pertaining to this issue. You can also write KCC. I think they would be able to advice you on what to do.
  18. mykoko

    mykoko Registered Users (C)

    Hi Sam252

    Specific procedure for Saudi Arabia

    Citizens/Nationals should obtain a police certificate from the Saudi authorities. Apply to the Directorate of Saudi Arabian Civil Police (SACP).

    Please note, non-residents and temporary residents (Muslims and non-Muslims) can get Saudi Arabian police clearance certificates. They should obtain police certificates in the same way as outlined above for citizens/nationals.

    If you are living outside Saudi Arabia, you should go to the nearest Saudi representative office and apply there.
  19. bonno

    bonno Registered Users (C)

    police clearance from Ethiopia.

    hey you guys

    I contacted my embassy by e-mail to ask them if a needed a police clearance from Ethiopia and the answer was "police clearance from Ethiopia: rules/regulations as stated on US State Department website"

    So there you are guys, if you need any info contact the embassy or go to travel.state.gov. These are the ony reliable sources.

    I have one more question: where can i get the forms "of affidavit of support"
    What does my sponsor has to do only fill out the the forms and send them? are there any other documents required ? If i have a sponsor do i still need to show my bank statement?

    I should have said i have 4 questions instead of 1:p
    Thanks again mykoko and everyone out there
  20. sam252

    sam252 Registered Users (C)

    Saudi police record

    to mykoko i found this in the official site of US department of imigration, I think that they are aware that Saudi does not provide police records for non current residents:

    I]Police clearances are available for Saudi citizens and resident third country nationals. Saudi citizens currently residing overseas must return in person to process the police clearance.

    Saudi citizens and third country nationals residing in the Kingdom process the police clearances by first obtaining a police clearance request letter from U.S. Embassy Riyadh, U.S. Consulate General Jeddah, or U.S. Consulate General Dhahran. This police clearance request letter, signed by a consular officer, must be attested by the Saudi Ministry of Affairs (current fee is SR30). The applicant must then appear personally with a passport-sized photograph and a national ID or residency permit at the regional Criminal Investigation Department for fingerprinting. Fingerprinting for women is done in a separate room. The police clearance should be available for collection after a week or two.

    Police clearances are available for Saudi nationals residing outside of the Kingdom. The expatriate Saudi citizen obtains the police clearance by returning to the Kingdom and obtaining a police clearance request letter from U.S. Embassy Riyadh, U.S. Consulate General Jeddah, or U.S. Consulate General Dhahran. This police clearance request letter, signed by a consular officer, must be attested by the Saudi Ministry of Affairs (current fee is SR30). The applicant must then appear personally with the attested police clearance request letter, a passport-sized photograph and a national ID at the Regional Criminal Investigation Department for fingerprinting. Fingerprinting for women is done in a separate room. The police clearance should be available for collection after a week or two.

    Police clearances are unavailable for third country nationals who no longer reside in the Kingdom.

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