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Question to inhabitants usa

Discussion in 'Starting and Doing Business in USA' started by sergeyk, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. sergeyk

    sergeyk New Member

    Prompt where will address for search of the person which invests money resources in opening of baking business in territory Russia, siberia.
    Business is registered on the investor. Full information support in your language. A competition in territory the minimum.
  2. sergeyk

    sergeyk New Member

    I ask to render the investment help at a rate of 50 000 dollars. At us in Russia it is difficult to receive the given sum. You very strongly will help.
  3. PRAHA

    PRAHA Registered Users (C)

    the check is in the mail .. AND I LOVE YOU ...8976578
  4. HillaryJost

    HillaryJost Registered Users (C)

  5. eb5 green card

    eb5 green card Registered Users (C)

    Perhaps there are Microfinance options? Try Kickstarter.com! You could go viral and get the sum you need.
  6. NICK66

    NICK66 Registered Users (C)

    thats a good idea ..my friend a sculptor manage to get around 8 DOLLARS in donation trough them ..er over the period of 2 YEARS !!:mad:

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