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Problem? How Divorce and Remarriage Affects Green Card Status.

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by molly.louise.sa, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. molly.louise.sa

    molly.louise.sa New Member

    Hello everyone. I am writing in hope of getting an answer to a dilemma that me and my green card-holding fiance have.

    My fiance is an Ecuadorian immigrant who, 8 years ago, married a U.S. resident (not citizen) and the wedding took place in Ecuador. Although he and his wife split up over 5 years ago, they stayed legally married to benefit each other and their daughter.

    He moved to the United States 2 and a half years ago and has been living and working here as a resident himself and a green card holder. Be aware that he obtained said status by marrying his wife with whom he is now separated.

    My question is this:

    We are engaged and looking to get married in the U.S. sometime next year. I am a United States citizen (born and raised). But in order to marry, he must first go through the legal divorce process with his former wife.

    We need to know how the divorce and the remarriage will affect the status of his residency and green card.

    If you could offer me any advice or share your experiences that would be very much appreciated. Thank you. :)
  2. molly.louise.sa

    molly.louise.sa New Member

    EDIT: His green card status is PERMANENT not conditional.
  3. namecheckvictim

    namecheckvictim Registered Users (C)

    He has a GC with no conditions, his status will not be affected by getting a divorce with his wife at all at this time.

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