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Presence of wife in interview (USC spouse)

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by yalag, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. yalag

    yalag Registered Users (C)

    I have my interview in the middle of September, and my application is based on marriage to USC (I am married for more than six years), and I have a GC now for more than 3 years and a half.

    Unfortunately, my family has a planned travel to see family in Europe. My wife will be away for the three weeks preceeding the interview and for some time after it, and therefore won't be able to attend my interview.

    Can anyone tell me if this may pose a problem?

    I myself have not joined the travel in effort to avoid hindering my application (and good for that, due to the interview I would have cancelled the trip anyways and lost the airfare).

    Does it matter if my wife and I have four kids two of which are less than three years old and that we have joined accounts, lease, tax returns, etc. etc.

    In another thread, I read that someone was requested to bring some affidavit from the spouse, but I do not know if he had kids with his wife so maybe my case is more simple and less suspicious. I am from Atlanta DO (if it matters in any way).

    Appreciate your advice/experience

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  2. pinto19

    pinto19 Registered Users (C)

    My wife wasn't present

    When I had my interview (based on marriage to USC), my wife was planning on going to the interview but couldnt go due to issues at work. The interviewing officer didnt ask to see her or talk to her or even didnt ask anything about our marriage. Had interview on March 1st in Pittsburgh, PA and had oath on April 22nd.
  3. solasoy

    solasoy Registered Users (C)

    Presence of spouse not required

    The presence of the wife is definitely not required. Like you, my application was based on marriage to a USC. My wife could'nt make it so I had her prepare an affidavit stating that we're still married and living togther. I also took a copy of her driver's licence showing our common address, as well as a recent statement of our joint bank account ( a couple of days old - you can get an up-to-date printout of your bank statement i.e. up to 24 hours prior from your local bank branch).

    As it turns out, the only thing the interviewer asked for was the bank statement. Another guy who posted on this board said that the affidavit from his spouse was requested. I think that if you make all these preparations, you should be fine without a doubt.

    Good luck

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  4. zeeman

    zeeman Registered Users (C)

    Bank statements are very important


    Yes , the joint bank account statements are very important. Preferebly from the time you got married until now. Thats what the officer was paying the most attention to when my wife had an interview about three years ago. I was present but not on the interview(only in the waiting room).

    Everything that you and your wife have both names on are very important like bank statement, Apt leases/Mortagages etc...

    good luck
  5. yalag

    yalag Registered Users (C)

    Thanks for the answers.

  6. Ocelot

    Ocelot Registered Users (C)

    Birth certificates of your children (naming both parents) would be most helpful. That's the only thing they asked my wife for.


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