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PR of australia

Discussion in 'Australia - Visiting, Living in, Moving to or Movi' started by krishnaraya, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. krishnaraya

    krishnaraya New Member

    hello there,

    i am residing in UK and i am about to finish my MSc in network systems. i am an indian citizen. i would like to apply for australian PR. one of my friends told me that it would be easier to get australian PR if we finish our postgraduation. how about the job oppurtunities in software sector in australia? would it be easier for me to get australian PR? if so, how should i proceed? i would be waiting for ur invaluable suggestions.

    thanks in advance
  2. Mohammed Dawood

    Mohammed Dawood Registered Users (C)

    Australian Immigration

    Dear Member,

    Greetings! My name is Mohammed Dawood Ali (Registered Migration Agent 0741639), Director of Tamwood Associates a Sydney based Australian Immigration and Recruitment firm. We have offices in the USA, the UK, UAE and India (South India).

    Australia is currently a favourite migration destination as it offers great benefits for migrants. General IT Professionals earn upto 100k .IT professionals who specialize in SAP, SIEBEL, ORACLE, JAVA, NETWORK SECURITY get paid up to 150k per annum, this will give you an idea of the acute shortage of IT professionals in Australia. One of the major advantage of Australian migration is the current processing time is only 8-12months.An Australian Permanent Resident visa is valid for 5 years from the date of entry and you can renew it every 5 years and within 5 years if you lived in Australia you can apply for Australian citizenship.

    The Australian Immigration process can seem really painstaking and complicated if done without professional support.The information provided on the Australian Immigration website is quite brief and does not provide a complete information about the process .We fully assist our clients in obtaining an Australian Permanent Resident visa and we also provide all settlement assistance right from picking them from airport, assisting in accommodations and job interviews and any other basic necessities upon their arrival in Australia.

    Please see our website www.tamwoodassociates.com.au, for more information about our services. If you are interested in availing our services please contact us at visas@tamwoodassociates.com.au

    Please send us your CV for a FREE AND ACCURATE ASSESSMENT of your eligibility for Australian Immigration.Once we recieve your CV we would provide you a detailed account of the benefits of Australian Permanent Residence visa.

    Best regards
    Mohammed Dawood Ali.H
    Director-Tamwood Associates
    Registered Migration Agents
  3. hichinnari

    hichinnari Registered Users (C)

    Australian PR is unlike US Green card


    I hold an Aussie PR from the past 4 years and I am still in U.S.A and have not gone to Australia since then except for a 2 day stay in Sydney enroute my India trip. I like Aussie land but I am still fighting in U.S.A for my Green card.

    Aussie PR is tricky. It is not like U.S Green card. I don't know about U.K. But, I bet you that life is good in Australia. Even better than U.S. But the problem is jobs. You get jobs only if you have a PR unlike U.K or U.S. For canadian Immigration, one can apply on his own but not for Australian PR.

    Australian Immigration authorities blindly believe their Registered Migration agents. This system is not found anywhere in the world. You can apply on your own but is very tedious as they will drop on you too many queries. So, what Mohammed said about Migration agents is correct as I too went through an Australian Migration Agent(Australian lady).

    I disagree with Mohammed that a general IT professional will earn about 100K, the average pay rates for full time programmers/Analysts will be around 65K-70K. Australian companies are conservative and watch their spending very carefully. Also, getting a job is not easy in Australia. They don't spend much on technology. The office environment is too formal unlike U.S.A. For hiring you, they would have too many rounds of Interviews(Face to Face Interview is a must) unlike in U.S.A where you get hired off the phone and in rare cases, a F2F Interview.

    One other con is that the cost of living and the pay you get are not proportional. Prices for example of Gasoline, Cars, Groceries are same as like U.S.A or U.K meaning. If a gallon of Gasoline in U.S.A is $3, then in Aussie, it will be converted into Aussie dollars and that is the price. A toyota camry in U.S.A is $20000 and in Aussie it is 30000 Aussie Dollars. But your salary will be still ~ $65k. Bottomline, is that you save very less.

    Finally, I would say that is a better destination than Canada or NewZealand etc. I don't know about U.K. But U.S.A is altogether a different animal.

    Wish you good luck!.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 17, 2007
  4. nick_quick

    nick_quick New Member

    i totally agree with chinnari, i lived and studied in aust for 2.5 years n also got a chance to work in IT after my graduation for 6 months, but short of points i dint apply for PR n moved to USA.

    Getting an IT job is quite tough in aust. if u dont believe us go to www.seek.com.au n check how many IT jobs r there which will take in freshers or with less than 3 years of experience...yeah on top of that there is PS: "applicant shld be aust. citizen or resident." when i got a job but still looked on seek (this is much recent) they r after residents who applied for citizenship atleast 3 months back.. yeah n the rate they pay...60 to 70K but that doesnt matter coz what wld u do even if u get 150K as 35 to 45 % goes in Tax? this implies u make more u loose more but u got to spend the same as in USA.

    well immig gets easy but at the same time clauses like this creep in, best jobs in aust r in finance sector n management. IT there r but will have hard time..4 to 5 years experi in IT, 2 to 3 rounds or interviews (face to face) takes atleast 2 to 3 weeks to decide to hire or not, on probation for 2 to 6 months (depending on company). very formal 9 to 5 job...yeap on top of that boss is right!

    but then u will have loads of fun from friday to sunday night n on holidays...ahhhh if u have that job!

    hope it helped.

  5. michealborow

    michealborow New Member

    Hello I am doing cookery and I have completed one semester. Some people said that there is no pr in cookery is it right?what are the new rules for cookery and how many bands we need in this.
  6. rogerlee

    rogerlee New Member

    Australia is not that great anymore, depending on your salary. it is hard to live a good life on Australia if you have an average salary. All things are expensive. If you want to save more money, and you are an american or european try Asia. Malaysia, Thailand or Singapore are my recommendations.
  7. travelvietss

    travelvietss New Member

    hi .i want to Australia

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  8. athelstanfoster

    athelstanfoster Registered Users (C)

    Australia if you have an average salary. All things are expensive. If you want to save more money, and you are an american or european try Asia. Malaysia, Thailand or Singapore are my recommendations.
  9. mahendra1985

    mahendra1985 New Member

    process for Aus PR

    Hello ,

    I am Software Engineer , doing job since last 4 years, i want to start procedure for PR for Skill Independent or State Nominated VISA....what procedure i need to follow ? can anybody give me info step by step ?
  10. goushik

    goushik New Member

    Working on H1 b and Applying for PR in Australia

    I have been living in usa for the last 6 years and
    I am working on h1b in IT for the last 3 years in USA and i hold a masters degree from USA.
    Can any one provide me the details need for Applying PR in Australia.
    1) I have my own brother in Australia with a PR(Does this help).
    2) Do i need to write IELTS exam to apply.
    3) How long does the processing time for Getting a PR.

    Thanks In advance for your Answers
  11. OnTheGo

    OnTheGo Registered Users (C)

    You need to check their website...I just had a look for you and the best is to apply for PR based on your IT skills/qualification and experience...there is a points test, if you manage to achieve the minimum points based on education and experience, as well as age etc...then you might be able to gain PR from outside of Australia and do not need an Employer sponsored visa.

    PS: I moved to AUS from Europe in early 2001, on a student visa and managed to gain PR, then citizenship within a short few years.
    However, I am currently back in Europe, hoping to get a green card for USA next year.

    Good luck to you.

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