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PR holder Commute to Detroit for work

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by shahida, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. shahida

    shahida New Member

    I am a PR holder reside in Windsor Canada working in Detroit MI USA. I am getting 65000 USD, paying 28% tax to USA govt, does anybody know how much additional tax i need to pay to Canadian govt? Thanks.

  2. kusho

    kusho Registered Users (C)

    Tax for Cnandian Revenue

    Canadian revenue agency will convert your US $ salary in to Candian $ & according to your residency status over there they will charge you tax,but you will get relief in tax what you paid to IRS( Us revenue).
  3. manass

    manass Registered Users (C)

    Hi, do u know how many % they need to pay. As they said, they already paying 28% in usa.
  4. srini88

    srini88 Registered Users (C)


    I sent you a private message can you kindly respond to it?

  5. Andy_P

    Andy_P New Member

    PR in Canada, work in US

    Hi Shahida,

    I am thinking of doing what you did as a backup... Do you need any additional permits in order to work in Detroit with a Canadian PR and living in Windsor?

    Also, how long did it take you to be approved for a PR, and how soon did you have to enter Canada after that?

    Thanks - I have spent a lot of time looking for answers.

  6. srini88

    srini88 Registered Users (C)


    You dont need anything special other than the PR to live in Canada and a valid work visa to work in the US. I am not sure what the current processing times are but they used to take 18-24 months when applied from the US.

    You will need to land one yr from the date of the expiry or medicals which ever comes first. Once you land you have to spend 2 yrs in a 5yr window inside of Canada to maintain your PR.
  7. Bidu

    Bidu Registered Users (C)

    Could you commute on Canadian license

    Could you commute on US driving license daily ..
    Do I need to drive a car registered at canada or at U.S.?
    Thanks in advance for advising...
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 30, 2005
  8. shahida

    shahida New Member

    You cannot drive US plate car or cannot use US license when u live in canada. you have to exchange ur us license to canadian license.
  9. Bidu

    Bidu Registered Users (C)

    Shahida or anyone Please help me,
    1. How days are counted towards citizenship.
    If after landing I live at windsor with my family, and my kids join school there,
    and if I commute to Michigan daily or weekly and pay all required taxes. Will each day of my working in USA be counted or added to the total days of 1095 for canadian citizenship application or not...

    2. How canadain authorities know how may days I stayed where in US or in canada?

    Thanks for all the help
  10. texancanadian

    texancanadian Registered Users (C)

    1) Each day that you spend even 5 minutes in Canada will count towards citizenship. If you commute daily you will have 7 days per week counted. If weekly only 2 days of weekend.

    2) Onus/Responsibility is on you to prove that you were in Canada for X number of days not on Canadian or US immigration. You have to give proof.
  11. Bidu

    Bidu Registered Users (C)

    taxancandaian, Thanks for the reply...

    I know my next question is silly, but ...

    Is there any way I can prove them that I was daily back to canada or weekly back to cnada... Any print out I can get from Poert of entry or any other way of maintaining the records..

    Thanks and regards
  12. bhand11683

    bhand11683 Registered Users (C)

    car insurance , credit cards, Gas receipts , ATM transactions etc. would help you in proving yoru residency in Canada . It is upon the judge/CIC to accept it or reject it if not convinced enough

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