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Physical Therapist - H4- H1B

Discussion in 'Medical Professionals - OTHER than Physicians or P' started by newera, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. newera

    newera New Member

    Need Experts Advise here !
    I have done my Masters in Physical Thearapy and have 3 + years of experience back in India.
    I came to US March 2006 and my evaluation is about to be finished bu FCCPT -- TYPE 1 category-- Papers sent in April 2006 (generally takes 4 months). By July end I will have the evaluation done. Also I have 20 credits from local community college just incase I fall short of credits.

    Giving my license exam before August 20th, 2006.

    My question to all experts here !

    I have an offer from an employer to work but I am not sure if I am eligible for the Quota. My employer has never done H1b before for any of their employees

    Do PT(Physical Therapists) come in the Quota for 65,000 visas.

    Do PTs have a cap. Can I work this year ?

    Please advise

    Thanks a Tonn in Advance
  2. k_new_rn

    k_new_rn Registered Users (C)


    I am a Schedule A RN and i believe PTs are part of the same schedule A program. Therefore, since visas are available for schedule A occupation, if you have the requirements and finds an employer to sponsor you, you can go apply directly for an EAD rather than H1 - you can concurrently file your I-140/I-485/EAD/AP.

    If the visas run out before you complete your requirements, then, an H1 is viable option bcz of your advance degree for next year.
  3. newera

    newera New Member

    Physical Therapist - H4--->> H1

    Could you provide me with more details on this.

    I am local to Chicago and I did my masters from India.

    Do you know any employer local to Il area who could be a sponsor for me or for that matter do you think my current employer (present offer) could do that for me. Is there a pre reqisite for that.

    Also how much time do you think it takes to get the EAD if the employer files my papers for GC instead of H1b.

    Also if you could tell me more about schdule A, that would be great.

    Thanks Again
  4. k_new_rn

    k_new_rn Registered Users (C)

    Schedule A

    Here is a link from visapro:


    I am not familiar with PT licensing so i cannot really help you with that. I know you need to choose a state whre you want to apply for.

    I am from California so i am not familiar with job opening in Il. You can try calling HR departments of hospitals and see what their requirements are.

    My company required these before they hired me:
    1. Resume
    2. Passing the NCLEX-RN (exam to get US RN license)
    3. Any other licenses
    4. Nursing Diploma
    5. TOR (trasncript)
    6. Visa Screen Certificate

    I got my degree Dec 2005. Passed the NCLEX end of Feb 2006. Obtain the visascreen by middle of May 2006.

    I am now waiting to get a work permit so i can start working. I have an H4 visa from my spouse so i can legally stay in the US.


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