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On GC, staying out of USA for more than 6 months

Discussion in 'Life After The Green Card' started by forumuser1, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. forumuser1

    forumuser1 Registered Users (C)

    My parent has got GC through family based priority and can parent stay out of USA morethan 6 months (say 8 months), will there be any implication at POE (by IO)?

  2. BigJoe5

    BigJoe5 Registered Users (C)

    They should apply for re-entry permits before departing to lessen the chance of loosing greencard status. A re-entry permit does not preserve residence for naturalization purposes.

    Why do they need to be away so long? If they don't want to live in the U.S. permanently, why did they go to the trouble and expense of obtaining immigrant status?
  3. forumuser1

    forumuser1 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks BigJoe5, sorry for opening duplicate threads.
  4. ItsoFototo

    ItsoFototo Registered Users (C)

    How long can I stay outside of US

    Hi everybody,

    I won the lottery and got my GC in August, 2009. I understand that I can apply for citizenship 5 years after I got the GC, if I have stayed in the US for at least 30 months total. Also, each time I leave the US, I can be absent for no more than 6 months at a time, otherwise I have to start the 5 year wait period all over again. Unfortunately, my father, who lives in my home country, fell ill and my family needs me there. So, I have spent 4 months already outside of US. It looks like I'll have to be there for a period longer than 6 months. I'm thinking, maybe I can come back to US before the end of the 6th month, stay in US for a 2-3 weeks and then leave again. Would that work?

  5. TheRealCanadian

    TheRealCanadian Volunteer Moderator

    Please start your own thread.

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