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Old Landing papers

Discussion in 'Canada - Visiting, Living in, Moving to or Moving ' started by india_survivor, Feb 2, 2003.

  1. india_survivor

    india_survivor Registered Users (C)

    Do we need to keep the old landing papers (IMM 1000) in the passport ?

    It has a "Not Valid for Travel" stamp in it ? so i am assuming that it is not required to be in the passport ?

    The reason i am asking is that it leads to unnecessary questioning at the US immigration when they see the landing papers. I know it is not a big deal but would appreciate anyone's response.

  2. bagchi Moloy

    bagchi Moloy Registered Users (C)

    Keep it handy

    I don’t think so, but make it available all the time. What I understand from CIC clerk (who handed us the PR card here in Toronto) is - you have to send/show it to CIC when you will apply for Canadian Citizenship. He did not mention it to be stapled in the passport all the time, though. So I think you can take it out of the passport to avoid unnecessary confusion at the border but keep that old landing paper always with you (when you are crossing borders).

  3. india_survivor

    india_survivor Registered Users (C)

    Thanks Bagchi.
    Appreciate ur help.
  4. xl088

    xl088 Registered Users (C)

    Hi india_survivor & bagchi

    Because I received my Record of Landing package before 06/28/02, I only have the landing paper(imm 1000). I was not asked to send my passport to stamp. I'd lke to know if the Imm 1000 is only the landing paper or both of the immi. visa and LP.

    india_survivor, Is your imm 1000 attached ur passport or a separate paper from ur passport? If it is a separate paper, is there an immi visa on ur pp?

  5. india_survivor

    india_survivor Registered Users (C)

    My imm 1000 is stapled to the passport
    there is no visa stamp
    in fact my question is if i really need the imm 1000 as it has a not valid for travel stamp on it.
  6. xl088

    xl088 Registered Users (C)

    Hi india_survivor

    Thanks a lot!

    I just drove my own car to land Canada yesterday. I would like to confirm some questions about reentering US.

    When I crossed the border, the Canada immigration officer took off the whole bottom part of my current I797 including I94, then stamped an immigration stamp on my passport and stapled my landing paper with the pp. I only keeped the upper part of my I797. Did you have the same experience?

    I have the AP for reentering US, and plan to return in a couple of days. I wonder if there are any problems when I cross the border of US with my pp stamped Canada immigration stamp and the landing paper.

    1. Can I take off the landing paper from my pp?

    2. Did the US officer ask any questions for your current status in US and your Canada immigration status?

    3. Are there any problems that I only have the upper part of my I797?

  7. india_survivor

    india_survivor Registered Users (C)

    Vault any inputs?


    The uS immigr officer did ask me a lot of questions since he saw the old landing papers stapled to the passport.
    I wonder what the need of the landing paper is as it has a "Not valid for travel" stamp.

    You should ask for a new I 94 when you come back to the US. It looks like the Canadian officer knew that he needed to take awau ur I 94. I think u shud be fine...just wait to see if they issue a new I 94, if not ...ask for it

    I think it is ok to remove the landing papers. As far as the visa is concerned, just answer any questions honestly

    he asked me

    1. when did i land ?
    2. do i travel to Canada frequently ?
    3. do i own a house in Canada
  8. india_survivor

    india_survivor Registered Users (C)

    what do u mean by AP?
  9. india_survivor

    india_survivor Registered Users (C)

    I just realized what AP means

    pls ignore my earlier comments....i do not have much knowledge in these areas

    pls refer to the gurus
  10. xl088

    xl088 Registered Users (C)

    Hi india_survivor, Thanks very much!

    Which state are you in US? I'd like to confirm if it is normal that all the lower part of I797 was taken away.

    1. Since I know that the old I94 which is at the right lower part of I797 should be taken away, but the left lower part that indicates the sponsor's name was taken away too, now I only hold the upper part. I don't know if it is any trouble.

    2. Even if I take off the landing paper form my pp, there is still a Canadian immi. stamp on it. So I think that the US officer will know I has already landed Canada. How did you answer the officer?

    Thanks so much!
  11. india_survivor

    india_survivor Registered Users (C)

    sorry for the late reply
    just be honest with ur answers abt ur Canadian stuff. Howver, i do not know much abt the AP situation so pls consult other gurus.

    Did you get back to the US successfully ? Pls let us know ur experience
  12. IndoCan

    IndoCan New Member


    When you drove to Canada from here did the US guys at the border ask you any questions or did them just let you past to be handled by the Canadian guys.

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