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OCI - San Francisco Tracker

Discussion in 'Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) Issues' started by tdesai, May 12, 2006.

  1. tdesai

    tdesai Registered Users (C)

    I have the below questions

    1. Instruction -f on OCI page on SF consulate's web page allows self-attested copy
    of the passport [USA and INDIA].

    My question was what to do for 2 children - aged 2.5 and 6 who already have PIO.

    Do they need to self-attest the copy of their USA passport (since in their case
    they don't have any Indian passport) ? The 6 yr old can write his name but
    the 2.5 yr old can't obviously.

    2. Also based on the instructions on SF's OCI webpage, for folks who already
    have PIO, the copy of the PIO needs to be notarized. This is the only copy
    which needs to be notarized now. There is no mention whatsoever of
    notarizing their birth certificate.

    Any information ASAP on the above 2 questions is highly appreciated since
    I am all set to apply for OCI for my family as soon as I have information for
    the above 2 questions.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. mangal969

    mangal969 Registered Users (C)

    1.You attest them-You sign it and say "On behalf of__________".Just to be safe put their thumbprint below your signature as well.For Indian passport send a copy of yours or their mother's.

    2.Just to be safe send in a self attested copy of the birth certificate.If they dont require it they will throw it away but if they do require it and you dont send it the application will be pushed back by a month or so.

    In a nutshell, send the following for each of your kid:
    1.Their US passports
    2.Either Parents Indian passport
    3.Birth certificate
    4.PIO card

    I know some of this doesn't really make sense but the way these guys behave doesnt make sense.Better to be safe than sorry.
  3. naturalize_06

    naturalize_06 Registered Users (C)

    What ever copies that you send to consultate just notarize the first page of each document. Thats what i was told (infact very rudely) by the lady at consulate (houston) over the phone.

    IF we take it to our bank they will be more than willing to attest any nbr of copies for you.
  4. tdesai

    tdesai Registered Users (C)

    OCI - self-attested question

    USASI093xxxx Reference Number

    Filed Form-A online: 05/12/2006
    Mailed on: 05/13/2006
    Received on: 05/15/2006
  5. dad22

    dad22 Registered Users (C)

    Mailed on 3/14, Case went into "under process" May 1. Case went to "Granted" status May 4.
  6. sfbayguy

    sfbayguy Registered Users (C)

    Ref # USASI0745XXX
    Completed Online form: 04/06/06
    Mailed Appln to CGI SF: 04/11/06

    As of 5/19/06 no file number shows up on MHA online check, "still waiting for concern mission to register..." message

    I also sent my indian pp to cancel along with applicaiton. Per email communication with OCI cell at CGI-SF, cancelled pp will be returned with booklet and stamped US pp once OCI granted.
  7. dad22

    dad22 Registered Users (C)

    Our OCIs show up in the "received" list at cgisf.org today. Now we have to mail our passports to cgisf for them to put visa stickers in it.
  8. SDQmer

    SDQmer Registered Users (C)

    Our OCIs showed up as received on cgisf wbesite today and asked us to send the passports for U visa stamp and sticker.

    BTW: I didnot send our Indian Passports for cancellation. Shall I have to send them for cancellation or I can retain them without sending for cancellation.
  9. rveedu1

    rveedu1 New Member

    My OCI processing

    Mailed the oci application to CGISf/OCI on apr 11th. They got it on apr 13th. The OCI cell has not responded to me yet.
    Still getting 'File Number Yet to register......'.
    After the mha web page has been upgraded around May 18 or so, I am getting a different message 'Application with this number not yet Acknowledged'. I guess this also means the same as before !! I hope something changes in next week or so.
  10. tdesai

    tdesai Registered Users (C)

    2 questions for folks
    - what would be a reasonable time frame for the application
    above to show as registered on MHA website ?

    - I haven't checked whether my bank has processed the money
    order since I am not sure how/when the Indian consulate or MHA
    deposits the same
  11. rveedu1

    rveedu1 New Member

    sfbayguy, I filed my oci app around the same time at cgisf (details in my last posting). What is your status, does your name show up on MHA website. If not, are you getting the message 'Application with this number not yet Acknowledged' or "still waiting for concern mission to register..."
    I am still getting the message "......not yet acknowledged..."
  12. NCTarheel

    NCTarheel Registered Users (C)

    I'm a Washington DC applicant and came across your tracker as I was trying to figure out how other US consulates are doing. There doesn't seem to be any consistency between the different missions and even in a given mission. I applied on 5/12 by FedEx, it was delivered on 5/15 and acknowledged on 5/17. It went to "Under Process" rightaway.
  13. sfbayguy

    sfbayguy Registered Users (C)

    I am getting "Application with this number not yet Acknowledged".

    I got my cancelled Indian passport today. They just stamped "Passport cancelled as acquired US citizenship" on the first 3 pages and on the last few pages (33-36). I had sent the passport along with the OCI application. I'll keep the post updated with progress.
  14. dad22

    dad22 Registered Users (C)

    Got our Passports back with visa and OCI booklets today(4 days after sending them to consulate).

    Phew !! no more dealing with the consulate

    Whole thing took march 16th to Jun 2nd. Not bad !
  15. RKN

    RKN New Member

    OCI Photo

    Any help would be appreciated to have the correct photo per OCI requirememts. I am looking for a photo studio in NH/MA states.

  16. tdesai

    tdesai Registered Users (C)

    Any status on your case ??

    For USASI0750xxx, USASI0785xxx the status shows as already granted.

    Assumning the MHA website generates the above Online Registration
    nos in sequence when one fills out the forms online, there seems to
    be no standard pattern in terms of their processing the cases.

    Does anyone have any idea as to how long it takes for the
    OCI case to show up in terms of its status on MHA website after
    you submitted the application - specifically those who submitted to
    SFO consulate since from the other posts here seems like Houston
    was processing apps very very fast as compared to the sluggish
    pattern in case of SFO..

  17. sfbayguy

    sfbayguy Registered Users (C)

    Nope, still shows the same message, on the status website.

    With the Indian Passport returned, atleast I know that they have opened the envelope for my application, since both the OCI app and Indian PP cancel letter were sent in one envelope.

    The waiting continues.
  18. rveedu1

    rveedu1 New Member

    My application just went to 'Under Process' on June 16th.
    At last the status changed !!!!!!! I now know my application packet was opened. All these days, I was in the dark trying to figure what happened to my application.
    Next, waiting for Granted status.....will post when my status changes.
    FYI - I completed part A online april 10, mailed it on april 11th, cgisf received it on april 13th, acknowledged/Under Process status online on June 16th.
  19. sfbayguy

    sfbayguy Registered Users (C)


    Ref # USASI0745XXX
    Completed Online form: 04/06/06
    Mailed Appln to CGI SF: 04/11/06
    Appln Acknowledged (online): 6/17/06 - Status under progress

    My online status also changed, now showing acknowledged, and in progress :)
  20. harpers_ferry

    harpers_ferry Registered Users (C)

    OCI Status

    Mailing date: 4/15/06 to SF consulate
    Just checked the status on MHA website : http://ociindia.nic.in/ociindia/OnlineOCIenquiry.jsp

    Status is Under Process

    I have a question:

    My son's name does not have his first name in it. Only the last name coming twice. Where as my name shown as 'first name last name'. Anyone know how to correct this information.

    Pl. Advice.


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