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OCI:San Francisco: Surrender Certificate and US Passport Questions

Discussion in 'Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) Issues' started by rseth123, May 22, 2010.

  1. rseth123

    rseth123 Registered Users (C)


    I am planning send OCI application to consulate (in San Fran) soon for my family and I have following questions :-

    1. We both (Husband and Wife) are naturalized citizen and kid us born (has PIO )

    1. Can I submit application without US passport? E.g. Send our Indian passport, application, fees, copy of US passport : for kid, PIO card but not US Passport (just copy)?
    If yes then at what stage in the process they ask for US passport or are they going to return my application?

    2. If I submit for Surrender Certificate and OCI together then can I expect them to co-ordinate this at their end or should I get the certificate first and then file for OCI?

    Any help is appreciated.

  2. rpranesh

    rpranesh Registered Users (C)

    You need US passport to fill the online application
  3. abhiku

    abhiku Registered Users (C)

    I have the same question, 2. If I submit for Surrender Certificate and OCI together then can I expect them to co-ordinate this at their end or should I get the certificate first and then file for OCI?
    Can I send surrender cert. application along with OCI application?
  4. rseth123

    rseth123 Registered Users (C)

    OCI:US Passport

    I mean can I keep the passport and send it later instead of blocking my US Passport for 45 days with them.
  5. ragp

    ragp New Member

    I have the same question can they co ordinate bith at consulate. it will save time and mailing costs too
  6. EaglePutt

    EaglePutt Registered Users (C)

    Given the fact that they are returning OCI applications which were mailed without the surrender certificate, i would say they expect us to secure the surrender certificate first and then apply for OCI. Otherwise they could have just asked for the extra fee needed for the certificate as the OCI package has everything they need to issue it.

    But worth a try to ask them directly. Nothing is logical there anyway.
  7. Indyexcel

    Indyexcel Registered Users (C)

    When I got my OCI package returned, CGI mentioned on the check list - missing $175 for Indian citizenship renounciation. It gives me an impression that they may process both if you enclose $175 and application for Surrender certificate. But it seems no one has tried or tried but not posted in any forums. Unless one wants to try at the risk of 3 weeks/$40+, it is safer to apply surrender certificate first before sending OCI package. I applied for surrender certificate few days back. Expecting it sometime next week. My OCI package is waiting for the surrender certificate. I have travel plans to India towards end July. Hopefully I should get OCI by then.
  8. praveenpeddi

    praveenpeddi Registered Users (C)

    I sent my OCI package on May 25th along with SC application + Supporting docs + $175. Fedex delivered it on 26th May.

    I have not heard anything. I will update the forum If I hear anything back from SF consulate.

  9. jaihoindia

    jaihoindia Registered Users (C)

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  10. rseth123

    rseth123 Registered Users (C)


    Any update on your OCI application?

    Folks: How many photos we need? Do I just need to paste the picture on 2 copies of part-A or I need to send 2 more in addition to part-A photos?
  11. praveenpeddi

    praveenpeddi Registered Users (C)

    Well, My application did not move an inch however, my daughters application is already printed. I applied for me and my daughter together. She is a USC by birth so no SC crap.

    I checked with my bank about the cashiers checks and they told me that the consulate did not use my 175,275 checks yet but cashed the check with $145 for my daughter application.

    It's been 2 weeks so I am planning to visit CGI SF Monday.

    My application is not acknowledged yet
  12. desibartender

    desibartender Registered Users (C)

    Folks, I went to San francisco consulate
    and got surrender certificates for myself and wife in
    a day. Had to shell out $35 extra per application. So it was
    $120 total for both of us.

    The OCI and Surrender certificate cells are different.
    So not sure if the OCI folks will do surrender certificate
    and oci both.

    It's really a mad house at the consulate. So I would not
    risk sending both.
  13. praveenpeddi

    praveenpeddi Registered Users (C)

    I just got back from the consulate and the bad news is, they sent my OCI application back today. I asked them why and they say insufficient documentation.

    Just wasted 2 weeks and I need to start with SC now.
  14. kimo123

    kimo123 Registered Users (C)


    Sorry to hear about your case. My application has been returned 2 times... both for different reasons & due to the fact that their requirement changed when they got to my application(No fault of mine !).

    Any specifics about what did U miss? Do they want you to include SC form along with payment?
    What other documents?
    My app was returned for having missed I-130/GC/First passport to visit USA. This requirement cropped up out of no where.

    Did they ask you first to get SC & then apply OCI?
    Can both be applied simultaneously?

    Thanks & all the best.
  15. praveenpeddi

    praveenpeddi Registered Users (C)


    She did not know what is missing but I am thinking the first passpot. I do have it with me but for some reason did not send it in the package. This requirement came into light after I sent my package any way. These idiots can put new rules anytime they want and do not care about applicants.

    She told me to get the SC first and then apply for OCI.

    I not only lost 2 weeks but I wasted 3hrs time to goto consulate just to hear my application is coming back.
    I saw a guy came from LA and he arrived after 12 and they did not let him in. I felt so bad for him and even offered a token I took to him but the security guy did not let him in.

    Hope for the best you all.
  16. praveenpeddi

    praveenpeddi Registered Users (C)


    Can you please tell me how you did it? I know these consulate people won't say yes at first.

    Did you tell them anything? I am getting ready to move back to INDIA for good and I got this bump now. My contaner is leaving on 10th July and I need my OCI soon.

  17. rseth123

    rseth123 Registered Users (C)


    Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear about your situation. Please keep us posted for the reason of return. Is it because of your first passport or not obtaining the SC first?
  18. rbalshemu

    rbalshemu New Member


    Even I got my OCI application returned twice.
    The first time they said that I did not print the check list.
    The second time they were asking for the surrender certificate though I attached the surrender certificate application with all the docs along with the OCI application.
    Third time I mailed just the surrender ceritificate on Jun 4 2010.
    I'll post you all back if I even get the SC applications back.

    I think the best bet for Praveen would be to get the SC from the consulate in person which should save you some time. but the indian consulate does not mention it in their website about getting SC in person.

  19. praveenpeddi

    praveenpeddi Registered Users (C)

    Hello All,

    I got my package back and it says they changed the fee from 175 to 20. Now I need to send my SC app back with $20 fee and $20 for return mailing fee.

    They say they are sorry for the inconvenience. Right.

    Now the OCI app say I need to submit SC. Another letter says I need to apply for SC first and then apply for OCI.

    I need to make another trip to SF
    OMG, help me!
  20. EaglePutt

    EaglePutt Registered Users (C)

    Looking at all your posts, I think I suffered less..

    - First time they sent my OCI app back as by the time they received my package, SC rule had come into effect
    - Then I applied for only SCs which they processed and sent them by mail to me in 10 business days (paid $175 for each, hoping they will return the extra money they took)
    - Sent the OCI app again with SCs (received at consulate on 6/4) and I checked the status today and it is showing both acknowledged and granted/scanned.

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