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Oath ceremony in San Diego

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by Tina210, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. Tina210

    Tina210 Registered Users (C)

    I just received the invitation to my oath ceremony and wanted to update my timeline. Phoo ! I'm so happy. I still can't believe it.

    California Service Center, San Diego:

    N400 submitted: December 18, 2002
    FP: February 1, 2003
    Online Status disappeared: August 21, 2003
    Interview letter received: August 23, 2003
    Interview date: October 30, 2003.
    Oath letter received: November 18, 2003
    Oath ceremony: December 11, 2003 in San Diego
  2. choyty

    choyty Registered Users (C)

    Thanks for your update. Good luck to your oath, and don't forget to share your oath experience.
  3. beanzz

    beanzz Registered Users (C)


    Great news!

    Good to know USCIS is scheduling ppl for Oath ceremony. I am still waiting… :confused:
  4. Tina210

    Tina210 Registered Users (C)

    To view a list of all oath ceremonies scheduled at the San Diego Concourse until Sept. 2004 click on the following link:


    Type "citizen" in the box for event name, click "find" and it'll give you a list of all the ceremonies.

  5. Tina210

    Tina210 Registered Users (C)

    Hi all,

    I had my oath ceremony in San Diego yesterday. It was a wonderful experience and now I am a US citizen.

    We were supposed to be there at 8:30 a.m. but I got there an hour early. Needless to say there were already about 150 people standing in line. At 8:30 sharp they opened the doors and we walked inside the hall. We were asked to have the invitation letter and our green card handy. There were about 9 or 10 immigration officers sitting at tables, taking the green cards, checking the invitation letters. We received a little welcome package which consisted of a US flag, a booklet about rights and duties of US citizens and a letter from the president. We also received our invitation letter back. Then we were shown to our seats. At 9:40 a singer came on stage an sang 3 Xmas songs. After that the judge came on stage. He introduced himself and asked an immigration officer to come forward. The officer asked the judge formally to naturalize us. So the judge asked us all to stand up and raise our right hand. We repeated the oath after him and then he declared us all naturalized. We sang the Star-spangled banner, said the pledge of allegiance and then a speaker came on stage and congratulated us. The judge returned and read the countries we were all from and people were asked to stand up when their country was named. I liked that a lot. There were 665 people from 87 countries. I thought for sure that most people would be from Mexico, but not so. Most people were from the Phillipines. It was interesting. The singer came back on stage an sang 2 songs and then we were dismissed. When we left we had to stop by the immigration officers again and pick up our certificate. It was all very organized, there was no long wait in any line, they told us exactly where to go, it was just planned perfectly. Coming out of the hall we were swarmed by people from the political parties wanting us to register to vote and I happily did that. We didn't receive any passport applications, but I wouldn't have stood in line for that anyway. I have a post office that accepts passport applications nearby where I live. I was all done at about 11 a.m. It was a very emotional ceremony and I was glad they had some music there. I was so excited and the music calmed me down a little bit.
    I guess next thing I do is applying for my passport.

    I wish you all that your waiting time won't be very long and that everything works out okay. Good luck to you all.

  6. Rahul Kumar

    Rahul Kumar Registered Users (C)

    gr8 post and Congrads!
  7. beanzz

    beanzz Registered Users (C)

    Tina210 congrats!

    Today I was also granted this gift. And had a similar experience.
    Thanks for your post.

  8. shaky

    shaky Registered Users (C)


    hello beanz...

    can u post ur timeline, because in last posted i mentioned waiting for oath letter for long time. i fall in same category waiting for oath letter. I will appreciate if u can plz post ur timeline when u recieved ur oath letter and when was ceremony.

  9. beanzz

    beanzz Registered Users (C)

    shaky -

    I received my Oath letter 7-10 days before the ceremony. The ceremony was on Dec 17th. I had to wait for 4 ½ months after the interview to get naturalized. My security clearance came at the end of September. I also found out that after security clearance files are entered in a queue and the scheduling is computerized. I personally think every office and officer have their own way of doing things, as long as it is in the realm of guidelines provided by USCIS head office.

    ** Special note for folks in North Carolina **
    Charlotte office only takes a limited amount of ppl everyday. Depending on their resources they might only take the first 50 folks in the line (excluding ppl who already have an interview/Oath invitation).
  10. shaky

    shaky Registered Users (C)


    thanx for reply my friend. Happy holidays and best wishes.

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