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NVC message meaning.

Discussion in 'Consular Processing Issues-Immigrant Visas (Green ' started by forsms2002, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. forsms2002

    forsms2002 Registered Users (C)

    Hi there gurus,

    Mine is a normal CP case and I am in India.

    a few days back (i.e on April 6) I checked with the NVC phone line and it was telling "The NVC received the document on March 28, 2004. Please allow 6-8 weeks from this date to review. The NVC will notify the outcome of your case once decided"

    Now the message says "Your case was completed on April 19, 2004. Please allow 8 weeks from this date for further instructions. If it has been 8 weeks from this date, please

    What does this mean? Is the case complete with NVC? is this in the process of getting transferred to Mumbai Consulate? or this 8 week thing is something different?

    Requesting EAGERLY (as I have not yet got my PCC from Crime branch ) for reply and thanks in advance.
  2. alren

    alren Registered Users (C)

    Exactly what you posted in your Q. I have italicized the answer
  3. kd1403

    kd1403 Registered Users (C)


    It appears from your posting that your packet 3 review is completed by NVC and they are in the process of mailing the reviewed packet to the consulate. If above is true (you had mailed the packet 3 to nvc for review) then you can expect cp interview in about 2.5-3 months.
  4. Raju595

    Raju595 Registered Users (C)

    {my responses}

  5. forsms2002

    forsms2002 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks Raju, KD and Alren

    Thanks a lot !!!

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