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November 2017 Visa Bulletin

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by Xarthisius, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Xarthisius

    Xarthisius Member

    AFRICA: 10,000
    Egypt: 6,200
    Ethiopia: 6,300

    ASIA: 2,500
    Iran: 2,150
    Nepal: 2,000

    EUROPE: 6,000


    OCEANIA: 400

    and the CARIBBEAN: 425
  2. just_a_tech

    just_a_tech New Member

    This progression in EU is just killing me :/
  3. Lezraf

    Lezraf New Member

    why this low progression for Europe ?
  4. Lezraf

    Lezraf New Member

    should we except a year like 2005 2006 or 2007?
  5. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

  6. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

  7. saabe

    saabe Member

    I trust Britsimon's reasoning and optimism, but I am starting to be really nervous.
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