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Non Availability of Birth Certificate ~ Chennai ~ Problem

Discussion in 'Any Topic' started by Ganesh Natarajan, May 28, 2002.

  1. Ganesh Natarajan

    Ganesh Natarajan New Member

    I am facing this problem now. The Chennai Corporation is refusing to issue a "Non-Availability" of Birth Certificate for my wife. Instead they suggest to get a court order (by sworning before a Magistrate by Parents) and then they will issue a fresh Birth Certificate.

    But my lawyer says it is not acceptable. I want to know if

    Any of you faced a similar situation?

    Any of you got a Non-Availability Certificate from Chennai Corporation?

    Any of you got this so called Court order and a Fresh Birth Certificate from Chennai Corporation and accepted by the INS / Lawyer?

    If any of you is interested and willing to give me further information please reply to this or e-mail me at \'yengee@usa.net\'.

    I am really greatful for any help provided in this matter.

    Ganesh Natarajan
  2. urlovedforever

    urlovedforever New Member

    EVen I am facing the same issue :( My lawyer too insist on getting the non- availability certificate but my parents say that they are not able to get one from chennai, however hard they try.Any alternative?

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