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Non-Availability Certificate and Affidavits - Question

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by CitizenshipFees, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. CitizenshipFees

    CitizenshipFees Registered Users (C)

    I have filed GC for my parents, and they had a query to get the Non-Availability Certificate. So we got non-availability certificate for both of my parents.

    I have a question on the Affidavits.

    1) My father's non availability certificate date shows 1/27 and we did affidavits on 3/2. Is that is ok? The date on non availability and affidavits should show the same?

    2) We have done 4 affidavits, 2 for mother and 2 for father.
    The title for 3 of them says as "Affidavit of proof of birth" but one of the affidavit says "Declaration of Age". Is that is ok? Or I should redo it?

    Please respond, not enough time left.

  2. PunjabDaPuttar

    PunjabDaPuttar Registered Users (C)

    My take on it

    The date on non-availability certificate and affidavits was different in my case. There is no requirements that the date be the same.

    I would not be too wooried about the title of affidavit, but get it corrected if you can. If the time is short just submit it.
  3. VASU120

    VASU120 Registered Users (C)

    Where did u get non-availability certificate from india or us ?

    My mom got RFE for her BC because we didn't have BC and just submitted 2 affidavits from her mom and maternal uncle.

    RFE is asking either BC OR Non availAbility of BC? If i get NABC from Indian consulate in us (she was born in 1949) will be enough for INS or do we need to get NABC from india /place where she was born?

    Thanks in advance

  4. Vishnu Mahadev

    Vishnu Mahadev Registered Users (C)

    IMHO: Indian Consulate = India for formal paper work. It should suffice.

    Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.
  5. VASU120

    VASU120 Registered Users (C)

    Do we need to submit original or copy of Non-availability certificate

    Hello all,

    Finally we were able to get Non -Availability Certificate for Birth, Do we need to submit original or copy, RFE document doesn't say original or copy.

    Sorry, I have searched on this forum ...

    What a pain to get NABC from India that to city which we left couple of decades ago..

    Thanks in advance

    Do we need to submit original or copy of Non-availability certificate
  6. second stage

    second stage Registered Users (C)

    We submitted a photocopy.
  7. vinayakk

    vinayakk Registered Users (C)

    Photocopy should suffice. No need to submit the original. You can get it notarized over here if that makes it better.

  8. Shanks1975

    Shanks1975 Registered Users (C)

    Hi VASU,

    You had mentioned that you were able to get NABC.Can you please let me know how you got it.Did you use any service in India..

    I am in the same situation and will need to get NABC for my parents applicaton.I would really appreciate any help in this matter.

  9. Shanks1975

    Shanks1975 Registered Users (C)

    bringing it to top
  10. VASU120

    VASU120 Registered Users (C)

    This is what we did to get NABC


    This is what we did, my wife found some contact information on Internet for Commisioner of Nagercoil ...my wife called Commisioner as well sent email and explained her situation.. Commisioner lady seems to me honest person and requested us to send our uncle to meet her in person.

    Requested us to submit proof of grand parents stay in location /locality where mother was born and she gave us lead like any church record which is sufficient prove that grand parents were living during time of mothers birth
    It seems churches will maintain records for 70 to 80 yrs.

    she sent somebody to field verification and inquired about grand parents and searched for DOB records for registration for year mother born.

    Hope this will help...YOURMANINDIA SERVICE in TN is not very helpful at least Kanyakumari dist..

    Finally issued Non availabilty of birth ...This morning we recieved in FEDEX from India..



    WHITGIFT1 New Member

    Non-registration of birth certificate

    I am applying for my father's adjustment of status. He was born in Delhi in 1930He migrated to Pakistan in 1947. He does not have any family or friends in Delhi or India. How do I go about getting his non-registration of birth certificate? Any advise shall be appreciated!
  12. Vishnu Mahadev

    Vishnu Mahadev Registered Users (C)

    Please read both the STICKY notes + Other FAQ
    Sticky and Superset thread.
    GC for parents AOS and CP information source.
    Sticky and Superset thread.
    How to apply for GC and do it yourself
    What to do when Parents Lie...on the paper..to USCIS
    Truth will Prevail !

    certificate of good conduct from india

    Parent's Birth Certificate Mystery

    Non-availability of birth Certificates

    Important information on obtaining Police Certificates

    2nd FP notice after 130 approval


    Birth Certificate non-availability certificate?


    Can you go early for Fingerprinting before given appointment:
    Ofcourse you can, but check that office is working on that day.
    e.g. SFO is closed on Monday and works on Saturday.

    Translation of Certificates procedure

    Parent's visit after Filing CP for them.
    Mistake in the passport
    What to do with AP and EAD after parents receive their GC:


    Very interesting and informative discussion on parent's AOS on B1/B2 Vs CP: FYI

    An interesting thread about getting parents in USA:

    Informative thread for Parent's Re-entry permit:

    Re-activating 130 for parents:
    Important Medical Insurance Information for Parents
    Excellent coverage for parent's insurance
    2nd FP delays the approvals ?

    AOS filed for parent within 4 weeks of arrival
    Challenges to prove Father-child relationship


    My mother's updated GC application information is shown below.
    (BD = Business Days, CD = Calendar days, DO = San Francisco, CA)
    Preparation Period:
    06/01/08 : Possibility of GC considered and started discussion with wife and parents
    06/15/08 : Visited this FORUM once again and started reading various STICKY threads, those are immensely helpful to begin with.
    07/01/08 : Started preparing checklist, papers, downloaded and Pencil filled forms, IRS transcripts ordered,
    07/15/08 : Photographs taken
    08/01/08 : Appointments for Doctor for 693
    08/15/08 : Sealed envelop containing 693 received from the doctor
    09/15/08 : Birth Certificate obtained for parents, queries resolved on the FORMs with the help of this forum
    10/01/08 : Checks prepared, finalized all the forms
    10/15/08 : All the FORMs double checked for each line, signatures, typos, dates
    11/01/08 : Checklist checked, All forms filed neatly with cover letters in a plastic folder, made photocopies of all the papers to be sent, for my records.
    11/20/08 : completed discussion with wife and then with parents about the decision to apply for GC
    ________: ( I took my time but preparation work if BC /NABC, Affidavits are available can be completed in 15 days in hurry, within 1 month at peace)

    11/21/08 :BD000: Application sent for Mother (I-130, I-485, I-864, I-693, G-325A, I-765, I-131 mailed to USCIS)
    11/25/08 :BD002: Fedex Delivered the package to the destination.
    12/05/08 :BD008: Checks debited in my bank account.
    11/25/08 :BD002: Receipt Date(RD)
    12/05/08 :BD008: Notice Date(ND)
    12/09/08 :BD010: Notice Of Action-NOA Received ( I-797C) for all four: 130, 131, 485, 765
    12/18/08 :BD017: Fingerprint(FP) Notice Received
    12/19/08 :BD018: Fingerprint(FP) Done before appointment as walk in.
    12/23/08 :BD020: Fingerprint(FP) Appointment
    12/29/08 :BD021: Case transferred to CSC for speedy processing.
    01/06/09 :BD027: 2nd Fingerprinting Notice Received. (The FBI was unable to process the first...)
    01/08/09 :BD029: 2nd Fingerprinting Done before appointment as walk in.
    01/16/09 :BD035: 2nd Fingerprinting appointment given
    01/26/09 :BD041: Advanced Parole-AP Approved-LUD
    01/26/09 :BD041: Employment Auth. Card-EAD card ordered-LUD
    02/02/09 :BD046: Advanced Parole-AP Received. 2 copies. 1 year duration on both.
    02/05/09 :BD049: EAD card received.
    02/05/09 :BD049: Social Security Card Applied: http://www.socialsecurity.gov/ss5doc/
    02/11/09 :BD053: Social Security Card Received
    03/27/09 :BD085: LUD for 485
    04/29/09 :BD107: 130 approved
    05/01/09 :BD109: 130-Approval received in the mail.
    05/05/09 :BD111: RFE for 485: Online
    05/11/09 :BD115: RFE received at home asking for Certificate of Clearance from Police
    05/12/09 :BD116: Certificate obtained from police and sent to USCIS
    05/13/09 :BD117: Reply to RFE was delivered by USPS to CSC
    05/29/09 :BD129: Reply to RFE acknowledgd by USCIS
    06/03/09 :BD132: Green Card(GC)production ordered -485 Approved (~190 Calendar Days )
    06/03/09 :BD132: Online status: Welcome Letter sent, GC status is registered.
    06/03/09 :BD132: Note 1: Skipping the INFOPASS appointment for passport stamping with I-551, as Green Card recipient is out of USA with AP.
    06/08/09 :BD135: Welcome letter received at home. (No mention of ADIT)
    06/15/09 :BD140: Card Production Ordered, once more.
    06/27/09 :BD150: Green Card Received at home. Duration is 10 years. CD= 214, The A # STAYS the SAME throught the process and for lifetime of the recipient.

    I LUV USCIS. I have been thinking about them more than my family for the last 12 months.
    Now I will reset my priorities and start enjoying more time with family including new GC holders. :)
    All the best, to you folks all. Hang in there.

    Please believe, there is a method in madness.
  13. satishk23

    satishk23 New Member

    Hi Shanks

    Did you figure a way to get the NABC?

    I applied for GC for my mom with just the affidavits and I now have an RFE for BC or NABC.

    I engaged yourmaninindia and they say we need to show address proof to get BC / NABC in Tamil Nadu. My mom was born in the 1940's in Coimbatore and we do not have any address proof for her stay in Coimbatore at that time.

    I am now planing to get one from US consultate in SF. I am hoping that will fly.

    Any other thoughts / suggestions? My clock is ticking and it is already 20 days plus on the RFE.

    Thanks a ton!
  14. Shanks1975

    Shanks1975 Registered Users (C)

    Hello..NABC for dad

    I was finally able to get NABC for my dad..But it goes something like this..

    Its from the subregistrar office from Tanjore district..But its not the Form 10.

    Its just a letter addressed to my dad stating that they werent able to locate any details about my dads information about birth in that office...thats all..

    Will these be enough..It doesnt contain my dads dads name (Grandfathers or grandmothers name).

    Its on the letter head of tanjjore district..

    Also its states that the details are not available in this office..will that be okay..

  15. AmitThhakkr

    AmitThhakkr New Member

    Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) Chandigarh, India

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  16. rajwww

    rajwww Registered Users (C)

    NABC - Tanjavur - please help.


    I am trying to get the same, but no luck for my mom, she was born on 1945 but could not get her NABC since no address proof.

    please help. does the Birth certificate or NABC from Indian Consulate help ?

    Please help.


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