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No Welcome Notice...

Discussion in 'The Physical Green Card' started by Noki22, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Noki22

    Noki22 Registered Users (C)

    I entered at JFK 22 days ago and still no welcome notice. I know technically you have to wait 30 days before contacting them, but should I be worried? Is it okay to call USCIS and ask what's happening?

    Also, can I track the green card status somewhere? I tried check my case with my immigration case number, but it's stuck on Post-Decision Activity from early 2011... Since then, I got my interview, visa approved etc... I have to travel on the 23rd; I hope there are no significant delays as it would be great to have the GC when I come back in a few weeks.
  2. TheRealCanadian

    TheRealCanadian Volunteer Moderator

    Wait 30 days.
  3. jummy

    jummy Registered Users (C)

    I came in yesterday with my family,after getting through with immigration.I asked them when to expect my Gc and they said in 6 month time,i was shocked adn asked them if it could be earlier, they said NO.This is ridiculous bcos i never heard of anybody's own taking that long.
  4. reggin_au

    reggin_au Registered Users (C)

    I wouldnt be getting to worried. Wait at least a month before contacting USCIS. Also it can take up to 9-10months for your Green Card to arrive. Your immigrant Visa stamp in your passport is valid for 1yr from your arrival if you need to leave the US and return. I received my Green Card after about 4 weeks which I think is about standard but they obviously say it can take longer so they don't have an influx of people ringing up about it like your good self :)
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  5. jessicapotter

    jessicapotter Registered Users (C)

    Patience is one virtue that will help you greatly now. You cannot expect to have your green card any sooner than atleast 4 months. Also you need to wait for a month before you contact the USCIS regarding it.
  6. Sympli Dusty

    Sympli Dusty Registered Users (C)

    Same story here. It has been a month, but still no SSNs, no welcome notices and no green cards. I called SSN office yesterday and they told me that they did not receive anything from CIS and they do not have any record of me. I will be calling CIS shortly, it is so frustrating.
  7. reggin_au

    reggin_au Registered Users (C)

    Same thing happened with me re the SSN. I ticked the box on my paperwork that I wanted one issued and it wasnt. I went down to the SS Office and applied for one in person, I suggest you do the same. As for the other stuff it should arrive soon. Best of luck
  8. Sympli Dusty

    Sympli Dusty Registered Users (C)

    Thanks for your advice. I received welcome notice in the mail today, about 5 weeks after arrival. I guess I will have to physically go to SSN office and apply there.

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