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No foregin birth certificate or marriage certificate for passport and COC

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by yan2396, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. yan2396

    yan2396 New Member


    I am in the process of apply for my passport and COC but I am having a hard time gathering all the supporting documents. I can provide everything else except the birth certificate for me and both of my parents and their marriage certificate. My dad was naturalized on Oct. 29 1998 and my mom got naturalized on Jun. 28 1999. At the time, I was under 18 (born 7/8/1983) and acquired citizenship through my parents.

    We are Hmong refuge from Thailand. My parents and I was born in a small village and we were never given a foreign birth certificate or marriage certificate. I'm guessing upon entrance, they acknowledge my parent’s marital status as they had a divorce and had to file the appropriate documents.

    What document can I submit in place of the birth certificate and marriage certificate?


  2. yan2396

    yan2396 New Member

    Left out some info. Immigrated to US from Thailand in 1984, became LPR in 1985.
  3. yan2396

    yan2396 New Member

    Any help?

    I gather most of the documents except my parents birth certificate and marriage certificate as they don't have any.

    I got two sworn affidavits as secondary evidence since I also don't have a birth certificate.
  4. yan2396

    yan2396 New Member

    I got off the phone with USCIS and of course, they were not very helpful. The rep told me that I will need two affidavit which shouldn't be a problem. But since the letters are second evidence, I will also need a official government letter of non-availability birth certificate. I asked the rep as to where can I obtain the letter and he said he can't disclose the information. So how would I go about getting this letter of non-availability birth certificate?
  5. RunninSloth

    RunninSloth Registered Users (C)

    I am from India. During our PR process, I had similar issue. So I called up the municipal office for the district where I was born to obtain a BC. They didn't have a record so they just wrote that on a letter and send it to me. That letter worked for me. Try that
  6. yan2396

    yan2396 New Member

    Thanks for the info.
    I don't think I can contact their municipal office as I don't speak their language or know where to start as I immigrated to the US when I was 2 years old.

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