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No Entry Stamp on US Passport

Discussion in 'Passports' started by citscits, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. citscits

    citscits New Member

    I am a US citizen and I noticed my US passport does not have an entry stamp when I came back from Pakistan to JFK (New York) from a trip. The US immigration officer did not stamp my passport upon entry into JFK. I am planning another trip this year with the same passport. Will this be an issue? Anyone else experienced the same situation and then traveled back with no problem. Thanks.
  2. TheRealCanadian

    TheRealCanadian Volunteer Moderator

    Why would it be an issue? I've crossed the border numerous times without a stamp.
  3. Auscal

    Auscal Registered Users (C)

    It is normal practice when you enter the US on a US passport you do not get "stamped"
  4. cafeconleche

    cafeconleche Registered Users (C)

    It's often the case that passports aren't stamped in many places around the world, for citizens and non-citizens alike. No worries.
  5. acr

    acr Registered Users (C)

    Why does it get stamped in some situations?
  6. cafeconleche

    cafeconleche Registered Users (C)

    Well, sometimes you NEED a stamp based on immigration law. Like, people on the VWP will always get a stamp and an I-94. But, citizens and permanent residents don't really need a stamp because citizens can come and go as they please and permanent resident's have their GC scanned. It also depends on the mood of the IO, and how important he or she thinks the stamp will be. They may not feel like stamping at times. And this is the case in many countries. I've been through Dutch and French airports where I didn't get a stamp too. It's annoying for permanent residents because of the travel limitations placed on them.
  7. acr

    acr Registered Users (C)

    No, I am talking about a US airport and a US passport. Does a stamp depend on a mood?
  8. TheRealCanadian

    TheRealCanadian Volunteer Moderator

    Sure. There's no requirement that a US passport be stamped - or a Canadian passport for that matter.
  9. JohnBenjamin

    JohnBenjamin Registered Users (C)

    Travel Passports

    This is not a serious problem as you think..It happens in many cases.So be cool..
  10. König

    König Registered Users (C)

    This dude has tonnes of US entry stamps in his US passports. So, I would not say it is highly unusual for Americans to get stamped by US CBP agents when entering by air. By land or by sea - usually no stamps.
  11. 777us

    777us Registered Users (C)

    Hi there,

    When you are going out from USA, they do not stamp on passport.
    But when you enter they will stamp for you.

    In many countries in Europe they do not stamp when you are out going from their country, but when you enter they mostly will stamp.

    In Asian countries. They always stamp in and out. do not confused with asian countries and western countries including USA and Canada. Thsi is my expereince.
  12. dhlunar

    dhlunar Registered Users (C)

    When I entered the US via JFK on a flight from London a couple of years ago (ok more like 6 now) the immigration officer at JFK stamped my US passport. He used the same stamp to stamp my custom form, so it must of been sequence for him to go stamp stamp.

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