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No AOS/COS/EOS - 45 day entry!

Discussion in 'Living in USA On B status and B extension of Stay ' started by MonikaSethi, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. MonikaSethi

    MonikaSethi New Member

    Hello Folks,
    This is my mother's 5th trip to the US. The first two times she stayed for 2-3 months. The next two times she was given a 6-month visa which I got extended to one year. Now, the immigration officer said that she's spending too much time in this country, and gave her a 45 day 1-94 with the words "NO AOS/COS/EOS" written on the 1-94 as well.

    45 days is not going to work, as three siblings live in the US and my mother has friends she wants to visit. Can I file for extension of stay even though some immigration officer has written NO AOS/COS/EOS on her 1-94?

    Thanks very much, Monika
  2. PraetorianXI

    PraetorianXI Banned

    No you can not. It is in your mom's best interest to abide by what the officer said and leave within those 45 days (be glad he didn't just cancel her visa and sent her home).

    Your mom HAS BEEN ABUSING he visa. Spending more time in the USA vs home country is a clear sign of someone not "visiting" but rather "living" in the USA.

    The I-94 is marked to not allow EOS (Extension of Stay) so even if you do, it will surely be denied.

    Your mom needs to go home within the 45 days and spend, I would say at least 1 year back home before trying to visit again (and attempt to visit for 3 months or less). Otherwise, she can say good bye to her visa because it will be cancelled without prejudice next time and sent home.
  3. chennai_123

    chennai_123 Registered Users (C)

    Your mom should better leave in 45 days. As a thumb rule a visitor needs to spend more time in the home country than in the U.S. Hope people realize that applying for an extension of stay does have "after effects" irrespective of the whether the extension is approved or denied.:rolleyes:
  4. Triple Citizen

    Triple Citizen Registered Users (C)

    Your mother's last two visits were a year long each? In my books, that means living and not visiting. Your mother should leave within 45 days. She severely risks being refused entry if she continues this trend of visiting.

  5. brus843

    brus843 Registered Users (C)

    HI there
    can someone please help me out with a proper answer.My situation is this after I graduated I took a couple of months off to find out for a proper university to do my master in movie making. I went to US the first time for 5 months and i stayed at some friend of my family that Im really close to ,then before my B visa expires I went back in italy just for a month then I decided to go back to the US for other 6 months to find a proper school for september but at the airport the officer ask me so many questions about what I was doing in the US the reason why I was coming back he saw that I was without the return ticket (he might thought i was going to live as an immigrant )and then he put on my passport "NO EOS OR COS " and he gave me just a month.I got back in italy and my I started working with my dad now my question is, Can i go back every 3 months just for 20 days to the US to see my friends even though I have those words on my passport (no EOS OR COS )?SHALL I change my passport ?do I need some documents to proof im going just to see my friends ?i got a B visa that will expire in 10 years .THANK YOU VERY MUCH
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  6. Triple Citizen

    Triple Citizen Registered Users (C)

    You want to visit your friends after 3 months for 20 days? Why are you using your B-2 visa? If you hold an Italian passport, why are you not using the VWP? You can give your plan a try but sooner or later, you may land in hot water if one of the admitting officer reckons you are using your visitor status to actually live in the US.

  7. brus843

    brus843 Registered Users (C)

    so, but do you think I have to change my B2 visa ?or shall i cancel it just becouse in the annotation section there is written :"PROSPECTIVE STUDENT ,SCHOOL NOT SELECTED ".
  8. Triple Citizen

    Triple Citizen Registered Users (C)

    Firstly, please do not use caps. It is considered shouting.
    Secondly, just use VWP for a 23 day visit.

  9. brus843

    brus843 Registered Users (C)

    I'm so sorry i didn't know that.
    but i have my B2 attached at my passport and it is valid till 2019 ,with all the signs of entries ,what do you think I have to do change my passport ?I'm in their record I think for the cos and eos thing so I don't want to seem that person that is trying to live there when I'm not ..what do you suggest ?
    thank you very very much
  10. Triple Citizen

    Triple Citizen Registered Users (C)

    Do not fill in a white I-94 on the plane. Fill in a green coloured I-94W on the plane.

  11. brus843

    brus843 Registered Users (C)

    I will, thank you so much
    Btw to open an antiques store in california what kind of visa do I need ?and how much do I have to show to apply for it ?
    can I import forniture from Paris to L.A.?
  12. Triple Citizen

    Triple Citizen Registered Users (C)

    I am guessing it would be an investor (E) visa.

  13. GiseleM

    GiseleM New Member

    I also have a question regarding No AOS/COS/EOS, last year I entered the US and they marked that at my passport. I left the US within the regular period they gave me (60 days) and I want to know if I will have trouble to enter the country again. I'm planning to go to the United States again, after one year, but I don't want to have any problems. It will be my 6th time at the country.
  14. Triple Citizen

    Triple Citizen Registered Users (C)

    No one can speculate that. It all depends if the POE officer has doubts on your declared intent or not.

  15. depressed_gc

    depressed_gc Registered Users (C)

    My mother (60 years old) was in the same situation. CBP put NO AOS/EOS/COS stamp (with 2 months visa expiration) on her passport at her last entry at Newark airport. I contacted few attorneys and response was 50/50. Some said it's better to file GC via Consular processing. Some said she is eligible to file GC from here.

    We hired an attorney. We filed her GC within a month from her entry and received Receipt notices before her I-94 expiration. She was scheduled for I-485 initial interview. My mother and I (as a petitioner) went for I-485 interview today at Newark, NJ Office.

    IO (african american male) asked for original birth certificates and asked several yes/no type questions from I-485. He also asked if she had my childhood photos which we had and showed to him. He also asked I-864 and i told that it was filed with original application. Key is some IO are lazy. So, it's better to take your filing copy with supporting documents. Interview lasted about 10-15 minutes.

    He gave approval letter (saying recommended for approval of i-485/130) at the time of interview.

    I just received "Card Production Email" from USCIS.

    Those who are in similar situation, hire a competitive attorney. If you entered US legally and have no other criminal records and file i-130/485 before your i-94 expiration, you may be in LUCK like few of us in this thread
  16. Firebug4

    Firebug4 Registered Users (C)

    I realize that this is a very old thread and the OP doesn't need the answer anymore but for others reading the thread I would correct this information. If the CBP Officer sees an unexpired B1/B2 visa in the applicant’s passport, the officer will use the visa and not the VWP regardless if the applicant wants to use the VWP.


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