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niw got denied. Can I appeal?

Discussion in 'National Interest Waiver and EB1' started by researcherinla, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. researcherinla

    researcherinla New Member

    My case got denied two weeks ago.

    1. appeal
    To appeal an unfavorable decision to the AAO, a person or entity must have legal standing in the proceeding. USCIS regulations provide that a petitioner or an applicant has legal standing in an appeal before the AAO, while the beneficiary of a petition or another third party does not

    2. motion
    The appellant or representative of record must file the motion. Except where the beneficiary is also a self-petitioner, USCIS regulations state that the beneficiary of a petition is not a party to the proceeding and does not have standing to file a motion.

    But I self-petitioned.
    So I'm confused. does this mean that I need a lawyer to file an appeal or motion?

    Please let me know if I can appeal when I already self-petitioned. or Can I hire a lawyer for this ?
    They are saying that I have no standing to file a motion.

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