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Newark InfoPass appointment

Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by sukal, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. sukal

    sukal Registered Users (C)

    I am trying make an appointment for passport stamping in Newark office uising infopass.
    I am getting this message for last few days

    At this time, there are no information appointments available for the office in your area. Please try back again later.

    after selecting this option

    You have received an approval letter or Form I-797C from the Service Center or local office instructing you to come into the office for alien identification card processing / passport stamp

    Did any one suceed making an appointment this week?

    Please let me know.

  2. Indian_in_USA

    Indian_in_USA Registered Users (C)

    Not really

    I guess everyone's is having the same issue. Does it say any specific day of the week in your approval letter to go for stamping? If so go ahead. Some folks click on other options like EAD renewal to get in and then stamp. However, ppl close to newark zipcodes, the infopass link does not work. You may have to go there directly. Please post your experience here.
  3. sukal

    sukal Registered Users (C)

    InfoPass worked for me this morning. I made my appointment for Nov 09 2004.

  4. Indian_in_USA

    Indian_in_USA Registered Users (C)

    You are right

    I tried it just now..it seems to be functioning well now.
  5. GooGaa

    GooGaa Registered Users (C)

    Walkins on wednesday - incase not able to get the appt.

    Newark office accepts walkins on Wednesdays, I just got my passport stamped yesterday. It took me little over 3 hours to get it stamped.

    GC_SWIFT Registered Users (C)

    Hi GooGaa,

    What are the documents required for stamping.

  7. yankees

    yankees Registered Users (C)


    Another friend of mine who recently had his stamp done told me the same thing. The location of the Newark office is 90 Broad Street, and he went in on a Wednesday and got it stamped.

    I'm supposed to get my approval notice any day now, but I've been trying to make an appointment with INFOPASS and I keep getting "At this time, there are no information appointments available for the office in your area. Please try back again later."

    Should I keep trying to make an Appt?
  8. abjadh

    abjadh Registered Users (C)

    We did our stamping last Thursday at Newark. We had the same message 'no appointment at this time' for 2 days. Then when we tried early morning, we got appointments. May you could try the same.

    On Wednesdays, they allow walk-ins. On the day we went (thursday), we met few people who were without appointments and they were allowed inside. But they had to enter through Entrance A that had a longer queue and we could enter using Entrance B. This is for the security check to enter the building. Once you enter the building, you will have to stand in another queue which is anyway common for all ( with/without appointments).

    Regarding the documents that are required, we took courtesy copy of approval notice ( retained the originals that the attorney sent for our reference), passport, I-94 and 2 photos. We also took our EADs and APs. And the officer at our counter asked for them anyways.

    One thing that was different in our experience was, we had taken our son who is 8 yrs old and they took his fingerprint and asked him to sign. I thought they would not, based on others' experiences. But they did and also they did the background check (they call it 'IBIS check') for his name too. Well! Weird...but ended well with all the passports stamped. We went to SSN office at 10th floor and got the updated/new cards today on mail. So fast that we wish USCIS could do that for the plastic cards!!
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 28, 2004
  9. GooGaa

    GooGaa Registered Users (C)

    I was asked about EAD's, AP's, I-94, 2 pics (straight face) and passport. We however took a lot of other documents, but no one asked for it.

    How long it took you to get the PP stamped (from start to finish) ?
  10. abjadh

    abjadh Registered Users (C)

    It was crowded on the day we went (Thursday - surprising) and took about 2.5 hrs.
  11. yankees

    yankees Registered Users (C)


    I've been trying for three straight days and I finally got an appointment right now.

    My appointment type is listed as ADIT processing. Is that what you guys had listed on yours?

    I haven't received my courtesy copy yet but I am hoping that it will come home soon.

    How long did it take for your I-485 approval courtesy copy to come home after the approval date on the net or e-mail?

    Thanks in advance
  12. abjadh

    abjadh Registered Users (C)

    On the infopass appointment, once you make one and get a confirmation, it would say 'ADIT processing' at the top.

    Regarding the time taken to receive the approval copies, i think it varies. For us, on oct4th we received emails saying 'on oct 1st ur case was approved and was mailed...blah...'. We receoved the courtesy copies by mail on oct 8th.
  13. yankees

    yankees Registered Users (C)


    I got my letter today...Thank God

    I'm going to try to go on Wednesday for my stamping.....

    How long after stamping does it take for them to mail out the GC?

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