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new business projects available for investors

Discussion in 'EB5 - Investment-based green card' started by desionh1b, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. desionh1b

    desionh1b Banned

    hi group,

    I've a few business opportunities available in both CA and FL which offer solid returns for both domestic and international investors, and I'd be willing to even put in a little bit of my own money in the equity to prove that I'm serious about these opportunities. Some of them are the traditional Asian businesses such as hotels, motels, fast food shops, gas stations, etc.

    Others opportunities I've in mind are buying plots of land close to schools in affluent areas and building 2 or 3 storied sports clubs with roller skating rinks on the first floor and 10 badminton courts, 30 ping pong tables and 4 tennis courts on the second floor. The locations of these clubs would be in proximity to A Rated schools in affluent areas and are guaranteed to have a steady cash flow throughout the year, especially in summer, as the activities would be sheltered for the elements and thus offer a safe and uninterrupted environment for children to engage in physical activity throughout the year. The potential for after school programs is tremendous and so far, nobody else in the US has ever attempted a business model like this, and I'm confident this will succeed, which is why I'm willing to put in both sweat and money equity. The other opportunity for this is to build it from 2 stories to 3 and add Academic After school Tutoring, Taekwondo and basketball courts on the 3rd floor, so that more parents would be interested in signing up their children. I have conducted studies for a few MSA's and have identified a few zip codes in Fremont and Folsom (CA) as well as in Windermere, Gainesville, Orlando and Tampa in Florida that would be excellent locations. The land prices in Florida are real cheap and it doesn't take more than 3 acres to build up a really well designed club with plenty of parking and a generously sized skating floor of 250 ft x 120 feet.

    The expected enrollment is 2000 children for each center (realistically, it'd be a lot more), each earning about 150 dollars per month per child. Expected investment per future club is between $2,500,000 and $4,800,000. I'd need no more than 20 investors per club with investments of at least $250,000 each. Each club would be formed as a separate legal entity. It would either be an S-Corp in case of domestic investors or as a C-Corp with overseas investors. I would not be taking any management fees for any year of the club's operation unless I was able to give an annual dividend of at least 12% of the equity invested by my fellow investors. I'd be doing the management for the first 4 years, and if after 4 years, my fellow investors found me to earn an average annual dividend of at least 15%, they'd let me continue managing the venture, else they'd be free to kick me out from management for failure to perform.

    Anybody interested in going into business with me as a partner instead of getting ripped off by the Regional Centers?
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  2. Elissa

    Elissa New Member

    I am starting a new Promotional Entertainment company and I am looking for serious Investors/Financers within the USA. My company offers up to a 40% Profit return in less than 12 months. I would like to post this notice on other websites. Can anyone suggest to me a few good websites wherein I can get interested Investor responses out of it?
  3. PRAHA

    PRAHA Registered Users (C)

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  4. PRAHA

    PRAHA Registered Users (C)

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