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Nevada Driver License

Discussion in 'Political Asylum in USA' started by sal1786, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. sal1786

    sal1786 Registered Users (C)

    It appears that the Nevada DMV will only proivde a one-year term drivers license to Asylee's, is this true? My sister moved to NV from CA, and when she went to get a NV Driver license, they only gave her one year. Is it because my sister gave her employment authorization card. Does anyone know the terms? Also, is a EAD needed for asylee's anymore? IF not, what do we carry for identification until we get our GC"s?

  2. henri97

    henri97 Registered Users (C)

    a bad sign of what's to come?

    I hope this is not a sign of what's to come (influence of state/federal laws like H.R. 418) to all of us asylees; or, at least untill we adjust to PR status.

    answering question - in nevada; hopefully if they (at DMV_Nevada) accept I-94 w/ "indefinite period" of time statement and no expiration date on it - they should give a license with the regular number of years they give to anyone else to an aslylee. Also, "asylum granted" letter should help. EAD is confusing because of the limited 1 year validity.
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  3. samoel

    samoel Registered Users (C)

    sometimes depends on the docs you show'em

    Here in Florida I went last year for renewal with my DL and only the received notice for the I485 and got it for only a year the reason they said was the appl for adjustment was so old (2000)This year instead I took I94 and granted asylum papers and got it for 6 years no questions asked...
  4. SAM33

    SAM33 Registered Users (C)

    when you show EAD, you will get DL till its expiration date ( which is uaually one yr). I heard lately they issue EAD for 5 yr. My advise shred the EAD card, always create trouble, even when you show at your job. same thing happen to me. But I was not going to give up that easily. I went again, show them my approved letter and I 94, they won't understand, so I get the higher up phone number, came home and call them. She ask me, if I showed them my approval letter and I 94, I said yes. she took my phone number. Later someone from her office call me to go to my neariest office and they will make the call that I am coming, and issue me the full 4 yr. But it does say non transfer and non rewable. when I ask her to get rid of this, she told me you have to be a citizen. I tought I will be back once I get my GC to deal with this. Don't give up easily, I hate to be treated like a second class citizen. Kick asses to get my right.
  5. hampton8844

    hampton8844 Registered Users (C)

    Most state DMV people do not even know what asylee/refugee status is. This is another reason that the READ ID Act should be adopted. That will would have one national licensing standard under which asylees are treated as permanent residents and get the "normal licenses."
  6. LolaLi

    LolaLi Active Member

    Samoel is correct.

    It does depend on the documents you show when applying. Now I don't know what impact the Real ID Act will have..but for now the best document to show is an I-94 with 'indefinite' status stamped on it. This will give you an unrestricted DL.

    Good Luck.
  7. thankful

    thankful Registered Users (C)

    I do not think we can generalize because it does vary from state to state. In Florida if you present an I-94 with asylum notation (or a judge's order granting asylum) you will be given a 6 year license (the same one that citizens get). If you give them your EAD your license will expire on the date your EAD expires. In some states however asylees must present an EAD before they can be licensed.

    I do not like many of the asylum-related provisions in the REAL ID Act. But it does impose a national license standard and would actually make the life of asylees easier. Under that bill an asylee will be getting the same treatment as citizens and LPRs everywhere in the country.
  8. sal1786

    sal1786 Registered Users (C)

    Her I-94 card says asylum "pending", and the date is 1997. But, she was granted Asylum in 1997? I don't think she ever received the right i-94 card, what should she do? Please advice.
  9. samoel

    samoel Registered Users (C)

    I think the best is to get a I94 with asylum granted; undefinite stay stamp before she goes there. The asylum granted paper might help but like hampton said I'm not so sure they know much about asylum/refugee status. The lady that checked my papers down here in Florida didn't even look at my asy granted paper but she asked for the I-94...
  10. Arizona_Poet

    Arizona_Poet Registered Users (C)

    I don't get it guys. I thought It was more than enough with just showing the social security and your old driver license. I don't think we have to show our I-94 as prove of residence. If the social security has no restrictions that means that u are actually a resident of this country, you can work, you pay taxes and blah blah blah.Is not our fault that people that works for the Motor Vehicle Department is misinformed and they think asylees are not yet in the resident category. If I were in that situation I wouldn't show more than my social security.

    By the way, I moved to Arizona some months ago from Texas and they only asked me for my old Texas driver license. Believe it or not here in Arizona, driver licenses expire every 45 years!!!!! hahaha that's crazy!.. when normally is 6 years or 10.
  11. Arizona_Poet

    Arizona_Poet Registered Users (C)

    Ops!! i forgot to mention...they also asked me for my social security..and that's all....
  12. samoel

    samoel Registered Users (C)

    One can show'em as little papers as possible but in the end is him/her who's going to loose by getting a one year DL not the misinformed, under-trained DMV worker. I'd rather show all I have then go there every year
    Also I agree with thankful it varies from state to state..
  13. thankful

    thankful Registered Users (C)


    Your social security card is not from the INS. Many state DMV offices are now required by state law to see your INS document. They will then verify that document by accessing an INS online database.
  14. LolaLi

    LolaLi Active Member

    I didn't intend to overgeneralize. But you just re-iterated what i said. You are correct - each state is different as far as how they process DL applications. However, showing you I-94 (with asylee status) is the most accurate and important document an Asylee has. Also - almost everyone in those kinds of jobs know what an I-94 is - although they may not know about asylum procedures.

    As for the Real ID act ... doesn't it make applying for asylum more diffcult?

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