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Need Help: Should I apply I-485 with married or maiden name?

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by mumuyangku, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. mumuyangku

    mumuyangku Registered Users (C)

    Hello, I'd like to ask for help:
    My fiance (US citizen) and I (H1B holder) plan to get married at the end of this month (August). We plan to file I-130, I-485 and I-765 early September. My question is:
    Would it make it difficult for me to use his last name instead of my maiden name on the application forms (with just a copy marriage certificate as a proof)? Should I apply using my maiden name and change my name later after my application gets approved? Can anyone please help? Thank you so much! :)
  2. cherr1980

    cherr1980 Registered Users (C)

    The forms explain that part. (if your name is different than before attach the documents like marriage certificate, etc etc).

    Is better to use your married name if you going to use it for all your documents and will be the name in your social security, EAD, green card, etc. Anyway the forms ask for your maiden name too, so you have to put both names.

    Good luck,
  3. RANE2202

    RANE2202 Registered Users (C)

    Hi..I have question on maiden name or married name.My case married to USC, As I was planning to write my last name as my maiden name on all applications instead of my married name as all my SSN,Passport has my maiden name.You think it is a problem? or I should change in to my married name in all my passport and SSN and then apply for GC.Please help
  4. cherr1980

    cherr1980 Registered Users (C)

    You don't have to change your passport, I don't know about the SSN, I think there is a part at the SSA website that explains if you got married and want to change your name in your card. Anyway when they ask about if you have a SSN will be your same number, just the information about your married name change, you can call the SSA office, is the best way to know.

    Your marriage certificate support why you change your name from A to B. That is explains on the forms (attach the support documents that why your name change, etc)

    Of course your passport was before you got married so that is not a problem at all. I was reading in another old forum that the only problem will be when you going to travel after all the process and all that and probably you want to change your name of your passport but that is not big deal.
    check this out the part of the honeymoon: http://www.bjsvacations.com/cs/faq_page.asp?categoryid=2#413

    similar cases is the same thing, or you make the ticket at your name as your passport or with your married name and carry your documents,plus you can go to your local Consulate or Embassy first to check out what is the best to do.

    I put in all my forms my married name because is the name that I am going to use, of course my passport and my birth certificate is with my maiden name. And in some of the forms as I said before you should put your maiden name because they ask it. So they will have both names.

    Now if you decide that you don't want to change your name at all, then there is no problem because by law you can remain with your maiden name even you are married, so at the end is your call. NOW, if after you get all your documents then put your finger in the air and say "hey I want my married name on it" then you will have to pay another fee again because then they will have to re-issue the document. Anyway I was looking about that over the internet and this can help:


    http://www.usvisanews.com/questions/wedquest051700.shtml (Question number 8)

    http://www.immigration.com/faq/gqa4.html (Question number 22)

    This even can help too, just in case



    Good luck,
  5. RANE2202

    RANE2202 Registered Users (C)

    Cherr1980..that helps a lot..thank you
  6. XYZ004

    XYZ004 Registered Users (C)


    You can go to any SSN office to change your married name, by showing Original married certificate and your legal immigration status.

    In term of Passport, You can go to your embassy to get your passport ammended (change last name) based on your marriage certificate. Or for details, you should call your embassy

    Hope this helps
  7. RANE2202

    RANE2202 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks XYZ004...So when I fill up forms I use my married name right?..Thanks
  8. Aliona

    Aliona Registered Users (C)

    What to do if alredy filed I-130 in my maiden name and didn't put my married name ,but now I have to file 485,765 and I want to aply in my married name.
    Is that a problem? And if it is what should I do?

    Any opinions?
  9. mumuyangku

    mumuyangku Registered Users (C)

    Thank you for all the help!

    Everyone, thank you for all the help and reply on my question!
  10. cherr1980

    cherr1980 Registered Users (C)

    Call Customer Service, I think you should use the same name that you use in your previous application, but probably I am wrong. Because in the adjustment of the status you anyway can add your marriage certificate if you change your name. But the best way is to call the customer service in the part that says "if you are ready to file your applications or you have questions about it", wait for 30 min or so on the phone, but is worth it in this case.

    Oh by the way, just call twice to be sure that they give you the same information as every agency there are people who love their job others don't.

    Good luck,
  11. Aliona

    Aliona Registered Users (C)

    Thank you Cherr1980 for you help.
  12. madhuri_dhar

    madhuri_dhar Registered Users (C)

    Dear All

    I was reading this interesting thread about the maiden/marriage names issue and i have a question related to that.

    SO this is my case:

    I have all my documents here (passport, bank accounts, Green Card, SSN, bills) under my maiden name. Got married in 2002 and in the marriage certificate issued in India, my last name is my husband's last name BUT I never used that name. All my current documents are still under my maiden name.

    Now while filling out the I-130 form (me as the petitioner and my husband as the beneficiary), for the question- 'Any other names used' -- I entered my married name there (because it's on the marriage certificate and it's one of the most important document for I-130 petition) with remarks 'name by marriage'.

    And now i am worrying as to whether or not I did the right thing or would it just confuse the immigration officer since I am not using my married name anywhere (it's only in the marriage certificate), but then if i didn't answer that question like that, it would contradict with what's in the marriage certificate!!

    oh I am so confused! The form is all filed now, nothing can be changed but if someone can tell me that was the right thing to do.. it'll give me some peace of mind..

    thanks in advance!
  13. cherr1980

    cherr1980 Registered Users (C)

    You will be fine.

    Because actually even your marriage certificate says your married name you decided to use your maiden name. You can use whatever you want.

    They know all this things and that is why they look at the marriage certificate. The different names is to check out the different names that you has been using (for background check and all that, checking identity), even you really didn't use your marriage name for other reasons, but appears as another name of yours in your marriage certificate, printed and all that. So it was okay. And I think even if you didn't put it they will find it in the marriage certificate anyway.

    Good luck,

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