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Need advice on the dress code for the visa interview

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by Mihiranga, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Mihiranga

    Mihiranga Registered Users (C)

    I have CP visa interview on 21'st February in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I'd like to get some advice from others who've already gone through a visa interview.
    Some have advised me to wear formal clothes with a coat and a tie. But my gut feeling is that this would be an overkill. Specially in my case since I am not used to wearing coats and ties.
    Basically what I want to know is, what do most people wear for the visa interview? If most men wear full suits then I don't want to be the one who stands out wearing casual clothes!
    I'll be very grateful to anyone who advises me! :)
  2. Tazmania

    Tazmania Registered Users (C)

    There isn't any dress code. Wear whatever you like except a swimsuit :p
  3. Johnkent

    Johnkent Registered Users (C)

    HAHA. u can wear ur native cloths.
  4. Mihiranga

    Mihiranga Registered Users (C)

    well OK, I know that there is no formal requirement in terms of a dress code, but I just want to know, what do most people who come to an interview wear? Will I look weird if I come in a coat and a tie?
  5. Johnkent

    Johnkent Registered Users (C)

    coat and tie might be aight but u might look too dressed up. its not about the cloths, its more about having the qualifications inorder to qualify for a DV visa
  6. Igmu

    Igmu Registered Users (C)

    I would wear some nice pants (no washed-out jeans) and a nice shirt. You could go in shorts and a t-shirt, but you probably wouldn't feel quite comfortable this way at the embassy. But a tie, etc. is not necessary.
  7. LucyMO

    LucyMO Registered Users (C)

    casual, but nice (khakis, shirt or sweater)...
    A tie is an overkill...
  8. sagamihara_boy

    sagamihara_boy Registered Users (C)

    I agree with LucyMo!
    Jeans and T-shirt does not sound good! But don't think tie and coat is appropriate.. better if you use normal Khakis, Shirts. Dress dont matter that's the bottom line, but to be confortable.. I would prefer casual (not too formal.. not too not-dressed).
  9. Mihiranga

    Mihiranga Registered Users (C)

    I'd like to THANK everyone, Tazmania, Johnkent, Igmu, LucyMo, sagamihira_boy and also kpkumar for giving me sensible advice.
    I have decided to just wear formal trousers and a formal shirt. No tie and no coat!
    Partly because this is what everyone who has previously been to an interview advises (in this forum) but it is also because I tried out a tie and I don't feel comfortable in one and I look completely overdresses and "ceremonial" in a suit.
  10. Michaels

    Michaels Registered Users (C)

    While there isn't any dress code, I would recommend you to be presentable. no need to wear a tie, but a white or light colored shirt with pants would be far more better than being casual.

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