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National Visa Center step: processing times

Discussion in 'General K Visas and Related Issues' started by walte010, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. walte010

    walte010 Registered Users (C)

    Does anyone have any experience with the step between the Nebraska Servicing Center (NSC) and the consulate abroad? I've just discovered that all fiance(e) visa applications are sent to the National Visa Center (NVC) in New Hampshire after they've already been approved by the original servicing center. My letter from the NSC says that it usually takes 2 to 4 weeks for the NVC to process the application before sending it on to the consulate for the interview. However, I called the NVC and they mentioned that there is another hidden step: the applications have to get a security clearance from Washington, D.C. before being sent on to the consulates. The NVC said that it takes them 2 to 4 weeks or more just to "receive" the approved petition, and they were completely unwilling to say how long it would take them to process it and send it on once they had "received" it. Does anyone have any experience with how long these additional steps might take? How long from the day you receive your "approval notice" from the original servicing center before the visa application actually leaves the U.S. bound for the consulate?
  2. shailendra sing

    shailendra sing Registered Users (C)

    my i-140 csc, got approved on 11/18/04. and has not even reached the nvc. I just called today. They have not received the approval in their building. Do you have any idea how long it takes for i-140 to reach nvc?
    please share with me.
  3. claymac7

    claymac7 Registered Users (C)

    NVC processing times

    I have been waiting 8 months for a K1 visa security clearance for my fiancee. I'm getting really angry and may seek a Federal Court injunction vs NVC which appears to be autonomous, incompetent, uncaring, and ANSWERS TO NO ONE. Good luck. :mad:
  4. ozziewench

    ozziewench Registered Users (C)


    There is no way of telling how long this step will take. In general those that will be applying for a K visa are only at NVC for a short time. Once they have your petition, many are in and out within a few days. Many are also held up for a few weeks, sometimes several months. NVC will be unable to give you any information on how long this will take as it is up to Washington. Until they get clearance they don't have any further information on your case. It's that simple. I know it is frustrating. I have been there, done that. Hang in there. I hope you here something soon. You can read more about background/security checks at the various stages HERE and HERE
  5. not laid

    not laid Registered Users (C)

    In 2006 it took me 3 months and that was after I complained to my Congressmen. I think the NVC sends the approved I-129 overseas by boat as it took over 6 weeks for mine to reach China. A little advance notice here is: When your finance gets the interview hire a lawyer 3-6 days in advance near the Consulate. And be prepared to email your congressmen and Senators they can help. If my financee had not hired a lawyer she would still be living in China today. Good luck to you. The whole process is way to slow. But worth it.
  6. nifty97

    nifty97 Registered Users (C)

    Hello, I am sorry about the situation

    This is very long time for them to see security check, and i believe you have the right to seek judicial review on this case 8 months it too long

    My advice is first to ask for any information regarding your case, under Freedom Act Of Information that is include background check, and wait about 20 days, if you do not hear any thing then you can pursue to ligal action but the problem is under what section of the law complaint would fit. i have tried to look for some laws that set time limit like number of days they are supposed to act on appliction but i could not find it. --- please if you take them to court let me know i would like to learn how i will do it my self. because i submited my application on july 26 and if i do not hear from them in 4 month it is on men. I will see them in court. this is demcrtica society we live in civil state and natural state, the sysemt want everyone to keep up with the law yet they themselve fail to do it accordingly. separating family, hurting people and creating a lot of apain in our lives. -- if do no hear from them anytime soon --please take them to court and let justice prevail.

    good luck and i pray things work out for you partner.

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