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Name Change Issues with OCI.

Discussion in 'Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) Issues' started by vinay224, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. vinay224

    vinay224 Registered Users (C)

    During naturalization process I asked interviewing officer to remove my middle name and leave only first and last name. She did it. Now I have only first and last name on my Naturalization Certificate and US passport but I have my middle name on Indian Passport. OCI people are telling me that I need some court order for name change. I didn't get that. My naturalization was done in some hall with many other people. NOT IN COURT. How do I go about this? My name has not changed. I dont have a middle name anymore.
    I will greatly appreciate your help.
  2. cafeconleche

    cafeconleche Registered Users (C)

    Didn't they give you a court document as proof of the name change? Crap, I am changing my name too (from my name spelled slightly differently and without a middle name/alias on my birth certificate, which I have not used since I was 4 or something, to the name I have been using since then on ALL documents, including my Indian passport and US immigration documents).

    Also, a question: if my middle name is listed as an ALIAS in my Indian passport, will it be ok as my official middle name on my naturalisation certificate and US passport in order to avoid trouble with the Indian consulate?
  3. olddude

    olddude Registered Users (C)

    when ever name change is initiated through naturalization, a court order will be issued with new name. This is usually mailed separately (if not provided at the time of naturalization ceremony). Call city/county court clerk; they should be able to provide you with court order; if not already done.
  4. vinay224

    vinay224 Registered Users (C)

    So this is how it went. I asked the officer to just drop my middle name. She clearly told me, that she can not change the name but since I am only asking to drop middle name she will do it. And then just like rest of my family members I got my ceremony date. It was held at some hall and NO I did not receive any document, nor they notified me about anything related to court or anything. Do you still think court might have something for me? Court never came in to the whole process. I was interviewed at San Jose field office.
    I also spoke to someone at 'Travisia" or whatever is the agency that has the contract to process OCI paperwork. They seem to be not helpful at all. I was told to call passport office and ask them to put my middle name. But I am thinking that wont happen since I only have a first name and last name on my naturalization certificate.
    I am very frustrated and lost. I can not afford a court order for name change. I am just student.

    Please help
  5. olddude

    olddude Registered Users (C)

  6. TensedAlways

    TensedAlways Registered Users (C)

    So i have the same situation wherein my US passport does not have the middle name and Indian passport has a middle name.
    I was reading online on the travisa website https://indiavisa.travisaoutsourcing.com/oci/display-requirements

    and it seems that you can just give a notarized
    "For former Indian nationals, if your name in your Indian passport is different in any way from the name in your United States passport, one of the following documents must be provided.

    Marriage Certificate showing the name change if the name was changed at marriage.
    Official court order for the name change
    Notarized letter stating that the name was changed during the naturalization process."

    has anyone just given a notarized letter stating that they dropped the middle name from the US passport
  7. TensedAlways

    TensedAlways Registered Users (C)

    Also as per the FAQ's @ https://indiavisa.travisaoutsourcing.com/oci/faqs
    "Question: The name on my US passport is different that my name on the Indian passport. What can I do?
    Answer: Documentation such as a marriage certificate, a court order or a notarized letter explaining the circumstances of the name change can be submitted. "

    Cant we just say that im notarizing the fact that in India the full name consists of fathers name in the middle but in US middle name is part of the name(and not necesaarily the fathers name) and hence we are representing the same person in the US passport and Indian passport(with middle name) ?
  8. olddude

    olddude Registered Users (C)

    Not sure if name change can be done through notary. If you want to notarize, usually original document is required; which original document will serve this purpose? Indian passport has Name prior to change and Naturalization has new name; any documentary evidence showing name change?

    Not all regions in India have father's name as middle name.
  9. Anba

    Anba Registered Users (C)

    Download the form (it works for all the states) from below link, do it yourself, provide documents with old name (driver's License) pay court fee (in Texas $140). It takes 3 weeks to get name change order, no need of an attorney. I did for my kids. It works:eek:.
  10. TensedAlways

    TensedAlways Registered Users (C)

  11. OCI doubt

    OCI doubt New Member

    How did you get this problem resolved?

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