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Name change -- extra certified copies

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by hi234, May 21, 2006.

  1. hi234

    hi234 Registered Users (C)

    Hello all:

    I changed my name at naturalization and at my oath ceremony I received 1 certified copy of the name change order.

    I am now in name change hell -- there are so many places to change my name and some of the places I have to mail in the official certified copy and they will hold on to it for a matter of weeks (and what a mess it would be if this golden copy got lost in processing/mail).

    Is there a way for me to purchase extra certified copies of the name change order? Has any of you done this? If so, please could you post the procedure and relevant addresses?

    Thanks very much, and good luck to you all!

  2. query11

    query11 Banned

    i think it is possible...i dont know where you reside,but check this out..this is for king county.It is possible to get additional certified copies for 5$ a piece but i dont know how old this site is...
  3. query11

    query11 Banned

    since i have applied for a name change too i just got curious and searched for extra certified copies at my county's website..it is available for 1.00$ each...
    just go to ur local court house and talk to them i guess price might vary...
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  4. backroady

    backroady Registered Users (C)

    Is a certified copy different from a notarized copy?

    Does the certified copy of the name change document have to be from a local court?

    Doesn't USCIS give certified copies on request?

    hi234 - why do you call it "name change hell"? What is so hellish about it? Just need a few stamps and go down the list-right? Am I missing something?

  5. query11

    query11 Banned

    i have no idea i am new to this too,i think the court jut puts the court stamp on the copy of name change....
    however i dont know about the impending head aches,hope i dont get any...
  6. hi234

    hi234 Registered Users (C)

    Local court can certify copies from naturalization court?


    is it possible to take the certified copy (single piece) that I received at the oath ceremony to the local court and ask them to give me more certified copies? I was thinking that the local court might say that they are no position to verify the records so I have to get it from naturalization court.

    So I was hoping someone had information on how to contact naturalization court to get more copies.

    Certified copy is different from notarized copy. I dont know the nuances, but I have seen financial institutions specifically say that nat copy wont do -- they need the cert copy.

    As to USCIS giving more copies on request -- I sure hope they do, that is what I am trying to learn from this thread.

    And name change hell... you can surely appreciate how many places your official name is registered and how each place has its own rules and procedures and required intensitiy of official documentation to register a change. I knew it would be a mess when I filed for a name change -- but knowing beforehand it will be tedious doesnt reduce the tedium surely!

    regards, hi234
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  7. query11

    query11 Banned

    what was the process for ssn...did u mail them or go in there?
  8. query11

    query11 Banned

    i think your court house should have it by all means,or go to the courthouse where u got naturalized...i mean the judge before whom you had the name changed?
  9. hi234

    hi234 Registered Users (C)

    SS card

    There is a procudure detailed online:

    It also requires the certified copy -- my lone copy is now at the passport office so I will have to wait to update social security when my passport comes back (hopefully with my cert cp).

    hehehe... wish I had researched this more beforehand. But like much of my GC process I have done this in a half-assed way.
  10. PG2006

    PG2006 Registered Users (C)

    I went there in person with a new application for SS#
  11. wnvx

    wnvx New Member

    When you go in person for SSN, would them keep your original naturalization and name change paperwork for days at SSN and then return them to you or they just look at the paperwork on spot and return them immediately to you? Than ks
  12. liz-F

    liz-F New Member

    I realize this is an old post, but we recently came across this problem too. After making numerous calls I finally found out that the only way to obtain a certified copy of your name change order provided during naturalization is to go to your local INS office to get it. For us that means an 850 mile round trip, so we are not going to do that. As for getting your passport changed you shouldn't need to give them anything. We were informed by INS that you only needed to 'present' your immigration papers, not 'give' them away. We cannot verify this since we haven't actually applied for a passport, but regardless we have no desire to give away our documents, nor do we plan to make a trip to INS for this at this time. It's pretty ridiculous that INS can't provide a phone number to the local office's and give people the option of ordering a certified copy the way any court would! Hope this helps anyone who is in need.

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