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N400 + Legal Name Change + Oath Ceremony

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by sreeleshk, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. sreeleshk

    sreeleshk Registered Users (C)

    I am expecting the OL in 3 weeks time as my case got approved today even though my ID was on the 11th of june (the IO said that he needed some other file and the decision cannot be made and that i will be getting mail from uscis).

    I have asked for a legal name change so i am wondering how things happen.
    do i have to go to court for the legal name change. its not a huge change its actually the uscis got my middle name and first name mixed up, so my gc has my actual middle name as the first and vice versa. is it still considered as a legal name change ? the IO at the interview said its not a name change its just re arranging ur middle and first name. he did give me a application asked me to check and sign i believe it was an application for a legal change in name (court application)

    do i have to go to court for a legal name change

    and on a different day the oath ?

    or does things happen on the same day at the same place?
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  2. Bobsmyth

    Bobsmyth Volunteer Moderator

    The name change and oath occurs all at once. In other words, once you take you oath (whether it be at the DO itself or at a court house) the name change will automatically become effective.
  3. Jackolantern

    Jackolantern Registered Users (C)

    If all they're doing is fixing things up so the naturalization certificate will match your birth certificate, that is not a legal name change (assuming you have not done anything else to change your name since birth).
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  4. Gcwaiting4

    Gcwaiting4 Registered Users (C)


    First of all congrates for getting info from USCIS about your case. Can you please provide details,
    how u managed to get info from USCIS about your case in 3 weeks. My friend is also stuck, since 3 weeks
    no news about the case.

  5. sreeleshk

    sreeleshk Registered Users (C)


    I just called them every wednesday to see if there is any update on the case. but i guess it doesnt make much difference. they say that they can only help you if its past 90 days since the interview. the worst thing is we all go impatient. i just called (1800 number) in yesterday to see if there was any change in the status, i asked the customer care rep to escalate the call and the next person said my case got handed over to a different officer the day before yesterday and got approved the very day, she added that it may take upto 3 weeks to get the notice(it may even come in tomorrow, though). they said that the case is now being re-verified and 99 of a 100 cases , it goes well. so i am keeping my fingers crossed. wish your friend luck and tell him everything will be alright .
  6. sreeleshk

    sreeleshk Registered Users (C)

    the name change is actually fixing the middle name and the first name as it got mixed up. I gave a copy of my birth certificate to my IO but the thing is my indian birth certificate doesnt say much all it says is

    Given name : XXXXXXX
    father's name : YYYYYYYY
    Address: ZZZZZZZZZ house

    my last name/sirname as ZZZZZZZ has always been correct in the documents
    First name needs to be the given name XXXXXXXX
    middle name as YYYYYYYY

    what it is as in my gc

    ZZZZZZZZ YYYYYYYY X (the chopped of coz of the accomodating length)
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  7. Gcwaiting4

    Gcwaiting4 Registered Users (C)

    How did you request to escalate to next person. What excuse you made?
  8. sreeleshk

    sreeleshk Registered Users (C)

    i said i want to talk to ur supervisor, as simple as that

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