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N400- Check Payable To??

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by nice_guy_gc, May 19, 2009.

  1. nice_guy_gc

    nice_guy_gc Registered Users (C)

    M-476 mentions the check should be payable to Department of Homeland Security

    whereas the N400-Instructions form says it should be payable to U.S. Department of Homeland Security

    Which is correct?
  2. Bobsmyth

    Bobsmyth Volunteer Moderator

    Either is fine..DHS implies US DHS.
  3. WBH

    WBH Registered Users (C)

    Does not matter. Many still use "USCIS" or even "CIS"
    though USCIS warn not to. Sometimes ago a USCIS
    clerk whose name's initial are CIS collect lots of such checks
    destroy applicant's packages, and deposit money into her own
    bank account
  4. prithis

    prithis Registered Users (C)

    Either is fine. I put "U.S. Department of Homeland Security".
  5. Bobsmyth

    Bobsmyth Volunteer Moderator

    Is that clerk the same who collected checks for Washington Bureau of Housing ?:D
  6. ridiculous

    ridiculous Registered Users (C)

    Response to Q 12 of the M-476 Instructions clearly state

    You must send the fee with your application. Pay the fee with a check or money order drawn on a U.S. bank payable to the Department of Homeland Security. Do not use the initials DHS or USDHS. Do Not Send Cash.
    Residents of Guam should make the fee payable to the “Treasurer, Guam,”
    and residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands should make the fee payable to the
    “Commissioner of Finance of the Virgin Islands.”
  7. WBH

    WBH Registered Users (C)

    Here is teh case. The clerk is Catherine Ileen Spear (CIS)



    Catherine Ileen Spear worked as an Examinations Assistant in the United States

    Citizenship and Immigration Services Bureau (USCIS) in Denver, Colorado. The USCIS

    handles applications and petitions regarding various citizenship and immigration matters.

    Many submissions require payment of a fee, which the USCIS collects and processes.

    Spear's position included processing the numerous submissions mailed into the USCIS as

    well as collecting, recording, and depositing any accompanying fees. She also was

    responsible for preparing program reports, managing travel for the Denver office,

    and addressing building maintenance issues. She did not have the authority to

    approve immigration applications.

    In early 2005, several applicants notified USCIS that their applications had

    not been processed even though their money orders had been cashed. After an

    investigation, the government determined Spear had stolen the funds. She

    accomplished this by covering the first two letters from the payee line on money

    orders submitted payable to "USCIS," relying upon the remaining "CIS" notation

    to deposit the funds into her own accounts (based on her matching initials-

    Catherine Ileen Spear). Forty-six money orders from immigration applications

    totaling $11,210 were deposited into Spear's personal bank account. Spear

    admitted, after depositing the funds into her personal bank account, she discarded

    the accompanying applications.

    Spear was charged with sixteen counts of embezzlement of government

    property as well as an enhancement provision that applies when the value of the

    embezzled property exceeds $1,000. She pleaded guilty to two counts of

    embezzlement and the enhancement provision.
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