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N-652 - Naturalization Interview Results - Waiting for Final Approval...

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by rikhyes, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. rikhyes

    rikhyes Registered Users (C)

    1. PD = 03/20/2007
    2. N400 and FP Fees withdrawn from bank = 03/25/2007
    3. I-797 - N400 Petition Recieved letter from USCIS = 04/03/2007
    4. FP done at Oakland, CA - 4/17/2007
    5. Interview date at Oakland, CA = 6/18/2007
    6. Interview result = Recommended for approval and I/O gave me N-652
    6. Waiting for Interview results

    I had my interview done on June 18th. I/O got me sign 2 photos and gave me 2 forms, form1 - N-652 with 2 boxes checked box1=You passed the english test box2=USCIS will send you written decision

    What happened at interview was that everyting went smoothly until I/O asked me if I was arrested. I said yes on May 22 2007 and not convicted. I gave I/O officer the court letter which says No Charges filed due to lack of evidence.

    I/O officer said nothing to worry but I can't approve your case right now. I need my supervisor's approval and gave me N-652.

    My question is how is going to take? I check my mail box, ofcourse, everyday.
  2. Huracan

    Huracan Registered Users (C)

    Hopefully soon, but it is always hard to tell. I would take the IO's word on this, that it is nothing to worry. Probably you're already approved and the next thing you'll get is the oath letter. I would say that if you don't hear anything in the next two weeks it would be good to schedule an Infopass.

    My 2 cents.
  3. Flydog

    Flydog Registered Users (C)

    It takes the USCIS about 4-6 weeks to decide on lunch. Always let about 6 weeks go by before you do something like scheduling an InfoPass.
  4. rikhyes

    rikhyes Registered Users (C)

    Will USCIS follow up with Court that no conviction letter I gave them is valid and is there any follow up charges? Becuase if that is the case then 6 weeks makes sense, specially when gov dep'ts talk to each other. I thought new USCIS is faster?
  5. Huracan

    Huracan Registered Users (C)

    I would take Flydog's estimate, and most likely you're going to be fine.

    PS: Please don't forget to come back to this thread and give us the good news when you get them. This is the way this forum gets better at estimating outcomes, by people sharing their full experience, not only the problem.
  6. rikhyes

    rikhyes Registered Users (C)

    Forum team - Surely, when I get any communication from USCIS I will post it here. I was planning to do it anyways.
  7. worried2007

    worried2007 Registered Users (C)

    im also still waiting for my oath letter i passed my interview on june 18 but my original file was never transfered to the DO before my interview when i called they told me that a supervisor is looking into my application for final adjucation , im not sure how long that is gonna take but im hoping to be naturalized before septtember any similar suitation plz share
  8. suzuki34

    suzuki34 New Member

    Infopass Details

    Hi All,

    I am in the same situation. I did my Interview in Memphis on 05/17/2007. I received N-652 from the officer stating that your Application is sent for Approval and you will receive an oath Letter in the Mail.
    Almost 8 Weeks have passed. I wanted to know what are the steps to schedule an infopass.

  9. worried2007

    worried2007 Registered Users (C)


    thats the website to schedule an info pass
  10. rikhyes

    rikhyes Registered Users (C)

    suzuki34 - Why did you recieve N-652? Did you ask I/O officer the reason? and Where is your case been processed?
  11. Huracan

    Huracan Registered Users (C)

    N-652 if my memory serves me well is the form the officer gives you at the end of the interview, it tells you if you're recommended for approval or if there is any issue and the approval cannot be done at that moment.

    The site for infopass is http://infopass.uscis.gov/
  12. MichaelDE

    MichaelDE Registered Users (C)


    In my case I am in Delaware, I had an interview on 5/8/2007 and got preliminary approval on my N-652. IO said she had to do some more background checking (???). Since then, sometime on June 5-6, I called Customer Service and managed to get to an IO on the phone. IO confirmed that I am now approved and waiting for Oath. Moreover on June 18 I received a letter from VSC confirming the same (the letter was in responce to my phone querry I made in March 2007, even before my interview -- it just took USCIS 3 moths to reply). Unfortunately next Oath date in DE is in September. So I apparently have to wait 4 months, even after all approvals are completed.

    I would definitely recomend at least give Customer Service a call and see if you can actually get IO on the phone.
  13. suzuki34

    suzuki34 New Member

    Hi rikhyes/Haracan,

    Yes I did receive N-652 and in that they have checked on two options

    1) You have passed the test for US History.
    2) Congratulations. Your Application has been recommended for Approval.

    Thanks for infopass info.
  14. rikhyes

    rikhyes Registered Users (C)

    MichaelDE: Your statement is very interesting. Can you please tell how did you contact I/O officer who interviewed you? How did you find phone number and exten?

    Thanks in advance.
  15. MichaelDE

    MichaelDE Registered Users (C)


    No I did not spoke to my IO. Instead, I called customer service 800 number. The first person who answered the phone was as expected not very knowlegble, however, after a little huggle, she was nice enough to transfer me to a man who had access to my records. I did not ask specifically, but I believe the person was an actual IO.

    He gave me specifics on my case. In my experience, this is the only time when I managed to get through the first line of Customer Service's defense and I was actually transferred to someone other than the first person who picks up the phone.

    At that time if I would have not spoken to any IO on the phone, I would have been taking infopass to probably get the same information. This saved me some time and effort.

    I hope this helps.
  16. kagemusha

    kagemusha Registered Users (C)

    I would say that you got lucky. Their standard procedure is to transfer you to an IO only if 90 days have passed since your interview. I called the customer service number when I was anxiously waiting for my oath letter. The lady who initially picked up was nice enough to transfer me to an IO right away. However the wait time before you can talk to an IO is about 20-30 minutes (you can get through to the regular customer service people a lot sooner). Unfortunately after being on hold for like 20 minutes I accidentally hit the wrong button on the phone and dropped the call. When I called back I got a different lady and this lady simply refused to transfer me to an IO. She said the previous lady had violated the guidelines they had been given and that I should wait 90 days from my interview date before calling back.

  17. MichaelDE

    MichaelDE Registered Users (C)


    It is interesting. But you got one transfer, I got a transfer - so it seems that they do bend rules on ocasion. I did however have to huggle for a while with a lady on the phone to get a transfer.

    It does worth it though to save Infopass trip (which is a pain in a neck for me).
  18. rikhyes

    rikhyes Registered Users (C)

    Good news:

    N-652 - recieved Oath date- after 17 days

    7/12/2007= I had apt at USCIS at San Francisco (Infopass). Immigration officer said that your N-400 is cleared and your Oath date is on 8/7/2007 at San Francisco. I/O also gave me the N-445 confirming the Oath ceremony

    Hearty thanks to all who directed or commented.
  19. rikhyes

    rikhyes Registered Users (C)

    ...and I came home after Infopass apt and checked my mail. There was N-445 Oath letter in the mail as well
  20. rikhyes

    rikhyes Registered Users (C)

    Missed to mention this:

    1. PD = 03/20/2007
    2. N400 and FP Fees withdrawn from bank = 03/25/2007
    3. I-797 - N400 Petition Recieved letter from USCIS = 04/03/2007
    4. FP done at Oakland, CA - 4/17/2007
    5. Interview at Oakland, CA = 6/18/2007
    6. Interview result = Recommended for approval and I/O gave me N-652 = 6/18/2007
    6. Infopass - SanFrancisco - Got Oath date -N-445 = 7/12/2007
    7. Recieved in mail - N-445 - Oath letter = 7/12/2007
    8. Oath ceremony at San Francisco - date - 8/7/2007

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