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N-600 ~ what documents do I have to submit?

Discussion in 'Life After Citizenship' started by Nessa, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. Nessa

    Nessa New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I want to apply for N-600, "Application for Certificate of Citizenship" for my 11 year-old daughter.

    Now I am a bit confused regarding what documents I need to include with my application...

    Do they just want documents for her, or for me as well?

    Here's what I'm thinking:

    I know for sure that I have to submit:

    • 3 passport photos of her
    • her birth certificate (certified)
    • a copy of her green card
    • proof of residence

    I'm not sure what they want from me:

    • my birth certificate?
    • marriage certificate? I don't understand why they would need this...? I am claiming citizenship for her through me (her mother).
    • proof of US citizenship? Do I have to send them my naturalization certificate? If yes, the original or a copy? But they are asking for the certificate number under 5.F. - I'm confused about this one....
    • name change documents (court order)? I did change my middle name when I filed for N-400.

    Is there anyone who has applied for N-600 before, that can tell me exactly what I need to send to USCIS? I want to make sure that I don't forget anything... not to delay this any more than necessary.

    Thanks in advance for your replies/advice!

  2. Samir Das

    Samir Das Registered Users (C)

    N-600 application

    You have to fill up the N-600 and send that with:
    1. A copy of her green card (both sides);
    2. A copy of her birth certificate, which would also mention the names of both parents;
    3. Your naturalization certificate number;
    4. Proof that she has been residing in the US may be needed at time of the interview--basically her school records;
    5. The necessary fees and photographs of your daughter.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Nessa

    Nessa New Member

    Thank you for your reply Samir!

    I wasn't sure whether or not they needed anything from me, like the actual naturalization certificate... because I had to send that in to get a passport. I'm hoping to get it back in about 4 months... :rolleyes:

    I should be all set then :)
  4. netra0

    netra0 Registered Users (C)

    I have a similar question: I am applying from Maryland.
    Following are the documents that I think is needed while applying for N600.

    Certified birth certificate - Should I send a copy ( notarised) or should I send the original?
    Marriage certificate - same question as above
    Proof of US citizenship - This is clear, as they are asking for a copy of the original
    Copy of the Parmanent Resident Card - This is clearly mentioned. So they are asking for a copy
    Proof of required residence or Physical presence. - Can I send my drivers license or DMV registration document?

    Urgent, please advice

    N600 applicant

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