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My I-751 Interview Experience

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by JJBBKK, Aug 6, 2008.


    JJBBKK Registered Users (C)

    Good day good people,
    Just wanted to share with all of you my interview experience which I had today at 7 am :eek:
    My case was I-751 removal of conditions, I was filing separately based on divorce (you can see my timeline in the signature). Prior to the interview my attorney and I had met a few times to make sure that we had all of the supporting documentation ready such as (joint taxes, water and power bills, health and dental insurance, car insurance, pictures, affidavits, etc).
    We arrived early around 6:30 am and surprisingly there was no line, those in Miami would know that there is always a mile long line outside. We came in and sat down in the assigned waiting room where a lot of people were already waiting. My attorney placed the interview notice in the bin and sat down (please note that my interview notice came on July 25 giving me only about 2 weeks notice which I found odd as they usually give about a month notice, anyways). So we waited for approximately 10 minutes and my name was called by the officer. He escorted us to his office. Once we settled in, he made me raise my right hand and swear to tell only truth, i did. Then he asked my attorney to show him her bar card and ID which she provided to him immediately.
    After that, he pulled out a huge, and I mean huge folder, which had my name on it and I was shocked how much paper was gathered on my file, WoW. The officer asked me to provide him with my passport and the conditional GC. Then he asked me several questions verifying my DOB, address, date of divorce and marriage, etc. I was a little bit nervous but managed to answer all of his questions in a calm manner. After that he asked one question if I was ever arrested, to which I replied that I was not but mentioned that I had DUI. Of course, he asked for the court certified documents and the deposition regarding that DUI. My attorney had these documents and provided him right away. Then he asked my attorney to provide supporting documentation that was not submitted with the original I-751 application. My attorney went through the list of the documents that we had and he only picked health/dental insurance papers, affidavits and car insurance!!! The officer quickly glanced through these documents and then, along with my huge file, he left the office telling us that he will be back :confused:
    He returned in approximately 3 minutes with a fingerprint card and without saying a word told me to look at the wall and give him my index finger which he fingerprinted on his card twice. Then he pulled out a large stamp from his drawer (at that moment my attorney gave me a congratulatory kick under the table :D ), the officer stamped my passport which says "upon endorsement, serves as temporary I-551 evidencing permanent residency for one year and Employment Authorized." I wanted to jump up and hug everyone but controlled my emotions. The officer congratulated me, advised that the permanent GC will be in my mailbox in approx 2 months, shook my hand and politely asked us to leave.
    Please note that the entire interview took no longer than 10 minutes although it sounded like it was long. It was very quick and as you can see very few questions were asked. I was very pleased and happy, given that my journey to this started in 2003 and it was over 5 years until I finally came to this happy ending :D
    Now I can breathe easy because I dont have to gather any more documents and remain in constant waiting mode for my interview.
    Also want to say thanks to all who had answered my numerous (and sometimes nonsense) questions in this forum. Please, if you have any questions regarding my entire process or anything else, contact me and Ill be happy to assist. Good luck to all!!!
  2. TNguy78

    TNguy78 Registered Users (C)

    Congratulations! :D

    Very cool! :cool:
  3. Triple Citizen

    Triple Citizen Registered Users (C)

    You have a female attorney who kicks? :)


    JJBBKK Registered Users (C)

    Thanks! yes she does, thats how we show our love
  5. asPapi

    asPapi Registered Users (C)

    Congratulations :)
  6. yahayajp

    yahayajp Registered Users (C)

    i,m happy for you man.
  7. hari_topi

    hari_topi Registered Users (C)

    JJBBKK - Congratulations on getting past probably one of your major hurdles in life.

    I have a friend in a situation where she wants to divorce her USC husband because she says that they just don't get along with each her. They don't harbor any hate for each other, but she's afraid that if they go thru divorce right now since she might be suspected of NOT entering the marriage in good faith. They have been married for 1.5 yrs now .. known each other for 3 years I believe. Just a few questions for you -

    1. What was the reason for your divorce?
    2. Did you file for divorce or did your USC wife?
    3. How long were you married?
    4. Did you use the same attorney as the one that you used to file for your AOS (i.e. if you used one)?


    JJBBKK Registered Users (C)

    If your friends can remain married then they should do it no matter what as it will be much easier to remove conditions, our case was a bit different as we could not just stay together for a minute without arguments and disagreements, we went through therapy, etc but divorce was inevitable, therefore I filed for divorce even though i knew that my status is at stake. We were married for little over 3 yrs. I used different attorneys to file 485 and 751. hope this helps...
  9. hari_topi

    hari_topi Registered Users (C)

    Thank you .. that helps

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