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My EB-5 success: Times is ticking, act fast!

Discussion in 'EB5 - Investment-based green card' started by NS86, Mar 3, 2017.

  1. NS86

    NS86 New Member

    Hello all,

    I am an EB-5 investor, who got my green card. As most of you know there is a rule change on April 28th regarding the capital investment. I have seen some posts about which RC/Project you want to invest in. If you currently are anxious about investing in EB-5 program, please feel free to shoot me a message. I can explain to you the process in detail, and connect you with a firm who does due diligence for EB-5 projects.

    P.S.: For those serious in investing in EB-5 , caution the time is running out.
  2. imneo

    imneo New Member

    I have some questions if you can help.
    Can I borrow money from private lander with my own home which is not equal to borrowing money.
  3. NS86

    NS86 New Member

    You may use a loan, but it must be secured by your personal assets i.e. you must prove you have the required collateral. A simple google search, would have answered you that. All Investment capital is declared as "at-risk" i.e. it must be be from income from Cash (bank), Equipment, Property, Inventory etc. Remember regardless if the money comes from you or a third-party as a gift the applicant must be able to prove in cases such as TEA (where majority of the population is < 150% of the Poverty Line) that they have sufficient funds not only to cover the investment capital but also if the project fails i.e. you must further prove that you have assets worth at least up to 1M$, to cover the "at-risk" loss. In short, funds can be borrowed, but you must be personally liable and have sufficient assets to cover the investment so that the guarantee is not less than 100 percent coverage.

    I would strongly suggest checking for basic qualifications readily available on the internet, get a due diligence on a project and possibly have someone vet you as accredited investor. Please do not invest in projects, where people talk like "car-salesman." Remember the IPO isn't designed to "sell" green cards, the main aim is to make a bonafide investment in a NCE (New Commercial Enterprise), which yields 10 jobs to American Citizens.

    If you have any further questions I will be happy to answer them.

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