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My consular interview experience in Nairobi

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by longing4usa, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. longing4usa

    longing4usa Registered Users (C)

    This morning we had our consular interview in Nairobi. It went as follows:

    7.00 am - Dropped off at Gigiri and took time to orientate ourselves to the surroundings. A crowd was already gathered at the taxi bays next to Warwick Centre.

    7.10 am – A security guard called for green card applicants and we went forward and were admitted through the first gate after a body check. We then queued in two lines. One for immigrant visas and the other for non- immigrant visas. We were allowed through into the building in batches and underwent further check s including our belongings.

    7.30 am - We entered the hall and sat waiting to be called to the counter.

    8.15 am – We submitted documentation for checking. We did not have it in the correct order i.e. original in one pile and copies in the other, so sent off to do the right thing and then to resubmit.

    8.20 am – The immediate applicant in front of us was sent off. Appears due to gaps in records from what we could surmise.

    8.35 – Presented documents in correct order which were accepted. Instructed to pay USD 775 to cashier – principle applicant only and to present receipt to the same counter. Thereafter we exited the hall to sit in the external waiting area.

    9.00 am – Summoned over the microphone to another counter where we were fingerprinted. Instructed to exit hall and await the call for the interview. We people watched as we waited. Indulged in guessing game to guess who has been successful and who has not from body language.

    9.45 am – Called in for interview. We swore to tell the truth and signed our forms. All the questions we were asked related to the documentation we presented. Consular office was friendly …. Asked my high school going teenager whether he was involved in the recent strikes and burning of schools … Son replied in the negative.

    9.55 am – The fateful words “You have qualified for your Visa, Congratulations” were uttered. We were given the date for visa collection and the option to pay the fees for the beneficiaries either today or on date of visa collection. We opted for the latter and paid.

    We exited the Embassy in great decorum well aware that others were watching our body language too…….. Outside the Embassy, greatly relieved that 14 months of suspense were over, we fell over each other with hugs, ululations and kisses!

    My two cents……… the key to success is in meticulous preparation. The visa process is transparent and all the information you require available on state.gov website. Follow it to the letter.
  2. Noe

    Noe Registered Users (C)

    Congratulations. Did they ask you for your proof of finances etc? So, they only ask the principal applicant to pay first? That saves money if your application is turned down.
  3. mkikuyu

    mkikuyu New Member

    Happy to read....

    Happy to read your success story well hope and wish you all the very best in the new world you are heading to you played it cool and you got it Blessed......
  4. longing4usa

    longing4usa Registered Users (C)

    Thanks Noe. Yes the principle applicant pays first and the beneficiaries only after the principle applicant is successful. We were not questioned over finances , however you may recall the post by Catseyes over presenting as much evidence as you can? To this end we went for the works and presented , title deeds, vehicle logs books, pension deposits, bank statements and just in case ,also an affidavit of support from a close relative. Hope this helps.
  5. dnk1

    dnk1 Registered Users (C)

    Congratulations. Any advise to anyone who will be going through this embassy?
  6. TNDV2008

    TNDV2008 Registered Users (C)

    Ha! ha! ha!...I'm always amused by how people are intimidated by the consulate environment...and how people are always watching for "body language" for approval / denials.

    Anyways congrats, and if you ever swing by North Eeast US, please send me an IM to say hello...and get ready for culture shock...everyone ALWAYS gets hit hard.

    BTW, u think 14 months suspense was unbearable? get ready for maisha ya huku ...
  7. longing4usa

    longing4usa Registered Users (C)

    Thanks TNDV2008. ....I have actually worked in the States before so it should not be too much of an issue adjusting.
  8. TNDV2008

    TNDV2008 Registered Users (C)

    ahhh...u should be good to go then ;) ...though I am now curious, why the "longing?"....left your gachungwa somewhere in US? lol!
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 20, 2008
  9. Noe

    Noe Registered Users (C)

    In your signature, there is a line that says "Documents confirmed acceptable for continuation of visa processing 15 November 2007". Did you email them to get this confirmation, or they wrote you?
  10. longing4usa

    longing4usa Registered Users (C)

    Yes Noe, I emailed KCC to ask if the documents were in good order. They replied via e-mail confirming the documents were acceptable for continuation of visa processing.
  11. longing4usa

    longing4usa Registered Users (C)

    lol .... this user name will be the death of me.:eek:
  12. Gesusu

    Gesusu Registered Users (C)

    Medical fee in Nairobi

    Hi long4USA
    one quick question on medical in Nairobi what was the cost on medical per person i have two children aged 8(girl) and 2(boy) years hence a fimily of four will coast roughly how much
  13. nanii

    nanii Registered Users (C)

    Congrants brassa at least we have gopt one experience.Lets get more pliz.
    We r looking forward for our numbers to be current n face them.I thought they would always ask all the interviewees to pay but the principal only paying i feel this USA people r abit considerate.

    Keep us up dated on how u r fairing we will learn lots from u ndugu
  14. longing4usa

    longing4usa Registered Users (C)

    Just to update , visas collected from Embassy yesterday marking the end of a 14 months journey!

    Gesusu, Prepare around 80 k for your medicals. Could be even less as your last born is only 2 years. The clinics are happy to provide quotations over the phone provided you disclose the age and sex of the applicants.
  15. kifaru

    kifaru New Member


    Congratulations to all who got the 2 NL.

    My interview is on 9th October, I need help to know how long the CP takes, my boos urgently requires me to travel by 4th October, i have convinced him to postpone for a week. I need to know how long it will take at the Nairobi Embassy before the passport is returned.

  16. longing4usa

    longing4usa Registered Users (C)

    In our case it took 2 weeks before we received the passports. The CP process itself took about 2.5 hours. I think you should share the urgency for the return of your passport with the Consular officer who interviews you and try get the return of it it fast tracked.
  17. TNDV2008

    TNDV2008 Registered Users (C)

    1.) have u done the medicals in NBI?
    2.) have u done police background/certificates of good conduct in each country - except US - that u lived in since being 16 yrs old?

    if yes to the above, then you can request (or hint a desire for) having the response expedited.

    I presented myself to the Montreal Consulate on Aug 1st @ 8:30AM, and we had our interview session by 11:30AM...I hinted that I would like to spend the weekend in US since I was returning to work on Monday...They told me to come back @ 3:00PM.

    Came back in the afternoon, and by 1 hr, I was crossing the US border.
  18. kifaru

    kifaru New Member

    Thanks TNDV2008,

    I have completed medicals,
    I have the police certificate for kenya, I usaully spend less than 2 months out of Nairobi.

    If the interview goes well which I hope it will, Then I will request for quick process.

    Thanks and God Bless
  19. nanii

    nanii Registered Users (C)

    Kifaru wish u all the best n all who r current.

    How old is the police clearance supposed to be if one have been outside the country since he took the cert?i took mine in january n have been outside the country since then so am confused if i will need another one.
  20. Gesusu

    Gesusu Registered Users (C)

    Good luck Kifaru could you give us the feedback after the inteview

    God bless

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