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Misspelled Last Name on VISA(Very Urgent)

Discussion in 'General B Visa and Related Issues' started by seshuthope, May 25, 2004.

  1. seshuthope

    seshuthope New Member

    My mother got 10 year multiple entry visa. But Last name on the visa is spelled wrongly(Instead of E it is showing U). They are schedule to come on 7th of June. Will it create problem at port of entry?. Please help.
  2. sselva69

    sselva69 Registered Users (C)

    Try to get the lastname corrected on the visa before departing.
  3. sudhashankar

    sudhashankar Registered Users (C)

    Not to worry

    I dont think you need to worry. Same thing happened on my father's visa 2 months back. The visa had firstname + lastname under lastname and firstname said FNU meaning FIRST NAME UNKNOWN. They wrote an email to the US Consulate and they replied saying it should not be a problem for travelling. My parents are here in the US and no problem at the port of entry
  4. talkative

    talkative Registered Users (C)

    I guess you may want to play it safe and get it fixed if there will be a future GC application etc. It's messy enough as it is, why complicate things.. Can't they request the correction by mail?

    I once heard of somebody whose airline was being fussy because name on the airticket didn't match the name on passport..
  5. tprasad

    tprasad Registered Users (C)

    pls reply

    hi friends,can u pls let me know if u know answer to this ...

    actually in my passport
    my complete name is under given name,no surname
    given name:xxx yyy

    but i got the visa(H1B)
    in visa it is like this

    surname:xxx yyy
    given name:FNU

    FNU-means first name Unknown ,so pls let me know will there be any

    problem wt the port of entry ..if not how should i proceed in future

    after stepping into us(filling I-94,SSForm etc..) ...how should i refer with passport name/visa


  6. shahbaz raza

    shahbaz raza New Member

    I only want ask that my last name is misspelled on family visa of KSA.
    Is there any problem with that...??

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