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Missed interview, any chances left?

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by matt22, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. matt22

    matt22 New Member

    My worst nightmare came true.
    Yesterday I received the letter from USCIS that I missed to appear for an interview.
    I am shocked, since I never received an invitation to appear.

    They give me 30 days to explain why I did not show up???

    Please advise me what to do. Should I call and tell them that I never received an invitation? Please help.
    Every other correspondence with USCIS so far, was done right and in the timely manner.

    Thank you
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  2. riyaz404-t

    riyaz404-t Registered Users (C)

    explain what happened - everyone is human, they will understand

    well, ofcourse, you must contact a lawyer, and handle this using professional advice.

    however, here is my advice:
    1) Call them and explain to them, if you have a phone number. Explanation should state that you never received the interview notice.
    2) Write to them at the address given, and explain why you missed. Basically the same reason. Try to send them a certified mail.

    Ideally, #2 should be a letter drafted by your lawyer.

    Good luck.

  3. foreverafter

    foreverafter Registered Users (C)

    For quick decision, I would strongly suggest the first infopass appointment.

    Good luck.
  4. M J

    M J Member

    Nothing to panic

    Nothing to panic or worry, i know a person who was in a similar situation as yours, he did not get the oath letter and was later informed that he did not show up for oath. So he just sent a letter explaining the situation. And couple of weeks back he got a letter for oath at baltimore and he is a citizen now.
  5. matt22

    matt22 New Member

    I am deeply thankful for your comments and suggestions.

    Is there any other experience related to this situation that we can benefit from?

    Thank you
  6. matt22

    matt22 New Member


    1) Called USCIS, they told me that this happens occasionally and to write them letter explaining that I did not received an invitation for interview.

    2)Contacted my immigration lawyer who suggested to send an affidavit explanation letter to them.

    I forgot to ask them, should I still need to schedule an Info pass appointment with Local USCIS office? Any benefit of personally appearing in front of the Local USCIS officer to explain?

    This has been moving extremely fast. It is only 4 months since I applied for N400.
    I also noticed on the website that my dates are still not processing? How could they have scheduled me for the interview already?
  7. AlexanderG

    AlexanderG Registered Users (C)

    Matt, schedule an infopass anyway... if nothing else it will show you are very active in trying to resolve the situation. USCIS will cooperate with you. They need your formal statement for the files and you will receive a new appointment . There is no need to bring in a lawyer .. the facts are pretty simple as long as you did not receive the mail. And seriously, nobody would think you 'forgot' about your appointment ... that is almost impossible.

  8. sd12

    sd12 Registered Users (C)

    As everyone suggested, there is a way out of this. You already got lot of
    valuable suggestions. Let me add my 2 cents as well

    Take infopass appointment (no matter if you are going to send a letter). Bring
    all your documents (receipts, FP notices etc.) and explain the situation to
    INS personnel. Try to extract info from him/her as to when they mailed inerview notice and what was the mailing address (just in case they mailed it too late/ to wrong address). See if they can provide you name of the case officer. If you can carry a proof just in case that you were not travelling etc.
    that will be good as well

    Explain that you never received interview letter (and would be nuts to ignore/forget about it) in polite way and ask for the next available appointment.

    In the mean while, prepare a polite but firm written responce and mail it to
    disstrict office. If you know the name of the intrerviewing officer, CC him/her as well.

    As you know, there are several cases where mail gets to applicants late/incorrect address. In fact, when I was at DO for my interview, I overheard conversation with info pass person that he/she never
    received some papers from INS in time. So even though this is your first and
    hopefully last time of something like this happening, its certainly not a new
    thing for INS.
  9. matt22

    matt22 New Member

    Great advice!
    Thank you so very much.
  10. n400cali

    n400cali Registered Users (C)

    Was your interview rescheduled?


    I just received a letter too that I missed my appointment last week yet I never received the letter. I knew the timelines and tracked my case based on others with the same priority dates as myself so I knew something was not right. Six weeks after my fingerprinting, I sent a letter to UCIS and explained to them that I had not received any update or letter and expressed my concern that some people with the same dates had already received their letters. I never received any feedback but I do have a copy of this letter and also I got a delivery receipt confirmation.
    I am currently out of the country so I cannot make an info pass in time and will send another letter explaining the situation and also include my last letter to them. However, I am curious to know, how long did they take to reschedule the interview and was the date many months away or a quick date. I suspect that the interview date would be possibly about 6 weeks to 2 months from the date they decide to schedule since earlier dates are already taken by others. Please post your feedback on what happened in your situation and some timelines to help me follow up better as I don't want the same thing to happen.
  11. swedegirl

    swedegirl Registered Users (C)

    regarding the website....

    You mentioned that your website information had not changed...well I would not put to much into that. Consider this....according to the website status check nothing has happened to my case since 3/10 but since then I have had my interview and have an oath scehduled for this Friday....SOOOO ignore the website :)

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